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Nightmare Fuel / Chie Shinohara: The Best Collection

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When her collection one-shots all contain murder, mystery or horror, you can expect this to have these aspects in it.

  • The entirety of The Midnight Visitor
    • Masami comes home from tennis practice, but her mother and younger brother aren't at home. Thinking nothing of it, it's still light and warm outside, they probably just left the house. But hours go by and they still aren't back. Not even a short phone call, to inform Masami of them being late.
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    • The nights are worse, with someone trying to break into the home. They try to cut the door-chain with a knife and slamming the door on them won't stop them, they have the key! And then they manage to break in, anyway, and try to kill Masami.
    • The revelation and knowledge, that Masami's mother's and younger brother's corpses were lying in the house, unnoticed for several days.
  • The gaslighting in Suicide Room Number 404, with Eriko seeing the spirits of the previous tenants, who all commited suicide over lost or scorned love. The fact that it was done by her supposed 'best friend' and the guy she's had a crush on, who merely faked his feelings for Eriko, just adds another layer of horror to it.
  • Hisako and Nori almost getting buried alive in the excavation site in Red Destiny.

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