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Literature / There Was No Secret Evil Fighting Organization

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Welcome to Amaterasu.
You know this story. One day, out of the blue, an Ordinary High-School Student named Kinemitsu Sago develops telekinesis. It is an incredible power, a power out of the Light Novels he loves so much, a power sure to sweep him into a life of heroism and intrigue.

Then... nothing happens. No Ancient Conspiracy steps out of the shadows to recruit him. No aliens invade Earth. No lovely Magical Girlfriend shows up to give him the Call to Adventure. Not even levitating 7-ton buses breaks the monotony of Sago's utterly adequate, ordinary life.

So he waits. He trains. Not wanting to out himself to the media, he graduates school and takes up a mundane white-collar job.

But the old obsession still burns in his heart. Frustrated beyond endurance, Sago vows to himself: "I will be the supernatural organization!"

There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!) So I Made One MYSELF! (Sekai no Yami to Tatakau Himitsu Kessha ga nai kara Tsukutta (Hangire)) is a comedy novel series written by Hagane Kurodome. Originally released online, it received a Light Novel adaptation that was Cut Short after two volumes. The official English translation covers both published novels (released commercially through J-Novel Club) and then continues into web material (released for free on the translator's personal blog). A separate Fan Translation of the start of the Web Serial Novel and some sidestories also exists.

This series was among several light novels cut from, but has now been restored.

This series has been forced to invoke the following tropes:

  • Becoming the Mask: At first, Sago only recruited teenagers into Amaterasu so he could live vicariously through them, but he quickly came to care about them as people.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Sago and Kaburagi aren't sadists, but... magic is everything to them. If they have to kill or torture animals to understand it better, they will.
  • Crazy Workplace: The bar Amaterasu is a front organization for the eponymous group of superhero LARPers (and their monkey mascot), most of whom don't know they're LARPing.
    Policeman: Any reason why you have a CLOSED sign hanging on the door?
    Sato:...The more curious customers like it that way.
  • Determinator: The main criteria for Amaterasu membership is not just that you have outlandish dreams, but that you are willing to work hard to manifest them- neither ignoring or succumbing to reality. Its founder began by lifting cookie crumbs and trained to become a Physical God. The Number Two is a polymath who made herself millions off the stock exchange. Neither are willing to share their clubhouse with anyone but kindred spirits.
  • Super-Empowering: Esper power can be grafted onto someone who doesn't have it. This is how everyone other than Sago got their powers- he ripped bits off of his own telekimuscle and attached it to their souls. After a few days, it grows in naturally, and the person instinctively understands that they have it. Unusually for the trope, magic does not remain the same throughout transferral: when Sago gives magic to Kaburagi, she gets a different ability from his.
  • Ice Queen: The longer Sago is around Shiori Kaburagi, the less sexually attracted he feels to her. Her aura of confidence is so intimidating that respect for her overrides everything else.