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Pride and Prejudice

  • Mr. Darcy convinces his best friend Mr. Bingley to leave town with him to protect him from surely getting his heart broken by Jane. The two do everything together and go everywhere together, including dances and balls, even though Darcy hates dancing and socializing. Elizabeth even remarks that Bingley "never stirs without him [Darcy]."
  • The 2005 movie has that adorable scene where Bingley practices proposing to Jane on Darcy.
    • And that becomes Hilarious in Hindsight, since Simon Woods (Bingley's actor) actually came out as a gay a few years later.
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  • Georgiana Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are also extremely happy about becoming joined in marriage... okay, so technically it's through Elizabeth's marriage to Mr. Darcy. Just a formality.

Mansfield Park

Edmund: Well, Fanny, and how do you like Miss Crawford now?
Fanny: Very well — very much. I like to hear her talk. She entertains me; and she is so extremely pretty, that I have great pleasure in looking at her.
  • Hereafter, Edmund enjoys watching Mary Crawford and Fanny together as much as he enjoys Mary's company himself note . Mary comes to Fanny's rescue from Mrs. Norris, plays the harp for her just like she does for Edmund, warns her brother not to break Fanny's heart (while being all too eager to help him seduce her!), and asks Fanny to rehearse a love scene from a play with her by reading the lines of her male lover.
    Mary: You must rehearse it with me, that I may fancy you him [Edmund], and get on by degrees. You have a look of his sometimes.
    Fanny: Have I? I will do my best with the greatest readiness...
    She began, and Fanny joined in with all the modest feeling which the idea of representing Edmund was so strongly calculated to inspire; but with looks and voice so truly feminine as to be no very good picture of a man. With such an Anhalt, however, Miss Crawford had courage enough; and they had got through half the scene...
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  • Miss Crawford's "Rears and Vices", it's a canonical gay joke.


  • Emma Woodhouse and Harriet Smith — baby, the Les Yay vibes are through the roof! She's first interested in Harriet because of how pretty Harriet is (and goes on about this at length), and when Mr. Knightley confronts her about breaking up Harriet and Robert Martin, she replies that it was because she wanted Harriet all to herself. (It was really because she wanted Harriet to marry Mr. Elton, but that's because she maintains that neither Robert Martin nor any man on Earth is good enough for sweet, perfect, tender-hearted Harriet with her beautiful blue eyes!) Before falling for the men in the novel, she's also declared her intention to be a female Confirmed Bachelor.
  • Most people in town, though, ship Emma with Jane Fairfax, making a subtle Romantic Three Girl Love Triangle.
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  • The wording of Emma's relationship with her former governess Miss Taylor (now Mrs. Weston).

Northanger Abbey


  • There's a line shortly after Anne arrives in Bath where she's thinking her father will probably marry Mrs. Clay, Elizabeth will probably marry Mr. Elliot, and she — Anne — will always have a home with Lady Russell... well, it would explain the woman's finicky refusal to find any man good enough for the womanly perfection that is Anne in her mind...


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