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  • The Jane Austen Book Club: The characters read together all of Jane Austen's six major novels. Their personalities and relationship troubles are in part based on Austen's writing as well.


  • The Bridget Jones series is based off of different Austen works, with the first on Pride and Prejudice, and the second on Persuasion.
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  • Jane Gordon in Snuff is the Discworld version of Austen, growing up in a family not a million miles away from the Bennets. She's writing a novel about "the complexities of personal relationships", until a conversation with Vimes ("If it was me, I'd have a few bodies falling out of wardrobes") has her rework it into a crime thriller under the title Pride and Extreme Prejudice.

Live Action TV

  • She's Kristine Kochanski's favourite author on Red Dwarf. The episode "Beyond a Joke" has a sequence of her dragging the boys into a Pride and Prejudice VR game.
  • Clara from Doctor Who chiefly remembers Jane as apparently a ''phenomenal'' kisser.
  • Jane Austen is mentioned extensively in the Regency episode of The Supersizers Eat ("The Supersizers Go Regency"). Sue plays Giles' sister without fortune of her own who must rely only on her natural charms and accomplishments to secure a husband before she is left on the shelf.
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  • Maeve from Sex Education is a tough loner of a misfit on the outside. She's academically gifted, incredibly well-read and very smart. She mentions she'd read all of Jane Austen by the time she was 12. Including her lesser-known work, Lady Susan, which, according to Maeve, is a severely underrated piece of feminist literature. In one scene, she has Emma and Pride and Prejudice on her night stand, meaning she re-reads it or possibly needs it for some assignment.


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