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Jane Austen herself

  • Upon being asked to write a historical romance about the house of Saxe-Cobourg, she wrote as an answer: "I could not sit down to write a serious Romance under any other motive than to save my Life, and if it were indispensable for me to keep it up and never relax into laughing at myself or other people, I am sure I should be hung before I had finished the first Chapter."
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  • "Mrs [...] was the only one much admired. She appeared exactly as she did in September, with the same broad face, diamond bandeau, pink husband and fat neck."
  • George IV, the Prince Regent, was a huge fan of her novels—not recognizing, apparently, that her antagonists tended to reflect the common criticisms of Prinny. (She was particularly irritated with his habit of rennovating and relandscaping perfectly good properties out of boredom... like Mr. and Mrs. John Dashwood, and John Thorpe, and Henry Crawford.) He even invited her to visit and "asked" her to dedicate her next book to him. Read it and try to say it doesn't come off as the most sarcastic dedication in literature.


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