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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Pre-Time Skip
A promise between brothers. Alas, it is a promise that will not last.

  • Any scene with Jiang Yanli, Wei Wuxian, and Jiang Cheng. They always are there for each other and any problems they have usually is solved with their big sisters famous soup.
  • Lan Wangji smiles when Wei Wuxian shows him the rabbits he painted on their lantern. They both make the same oath as they release the lantern - to help people and live a life without regrets.
  • After getting into a fight with Jin Zixuan and getting expelled from the Cloud Recess for it, Wei Wuxian understands how much this would affect Jiang Yanli and goes to find her. However, unable to apologize face-to-face just yet, he instead creates a paper doll that flies over to her and bows apologetically towards her. Jiang Yanli smiles at the doll and gently calls for Wei Wuxian to come in. Once Wei Wuxian apologizes, Jiang Yanli doesn't hold it against him.
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  • Wei Wuxian gives Jiang Cheng the assurance he needed after the latter expresses his insecurities about being The Unfavorite who's Always Second Best. Jiang Cheng still tries to act like a grump after that, but you can clearly see that his spirits got lifted.
  • When regaining his golden core, Jiang Cheng has a dream where both his parents were happy in their marriage and dearly loved their children, including Wei Wuxian whom they genuinely treated like a son.
  • Before the hunt on Phoenix Mountain, all the cultivators line up and when Jiang Yanli passes by, Wei Wuxian can't help but smile giddily at his sister as he enthusiastically waves at her with Cheng Qing still in hand. Jiang Yanli barely conceals her smile behind her fan. Even after becoming the feared Yiling Patriach, Wei Wuxian still hasn't lost that light-hearted side of himself.
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  • During the hunt, Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji what he was to him and not to interfere in his business. When Lan Wangji asks, this is Wei Wuxian's response:
    Wei Wuxian: I once thought of you as my soulmate in this lifetime.
    Lan Wangji: ... I still am.
  • During the Jin banquet, Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen are coerced into drinking alcohol, even though it's widely known it's forbidden for them. While Lan Xichen goes along with it, Lan Wangji refuses to take the cup. Then Wei Wuxian appears and asks if he can drink in Lan Wangji's place as he downs the entire cup. The two haven't seen each other in a while, but Wei Wuxian still went out of his way to defuse that situation for Lan Wangji because he knows he'd hate to violate the Lan rules, and because it was making him uncomfortable.
  • Wei Wuxian attempts to flee with the rest of the Wen survivors until they come upon Lan Wangji standing in the middle of the road. He quietly urges Wei Wuxian to reconsider, since if he goes through with his plan, he would be turning his back against the cultivation world. Wei Wuxain points out the hypocrisy of the other cultivators and says that he'd rather walk his own path that he knows is right. As Wei Wuxian lifts his flute, he tells Lan Wangji he won't go down without a fight, but at least if he were to die he'd rather it be by Lan Wangji's hands. Knowing that Lan Wangji has always been a righteous person leaves Wei Wuxian to conclude that if Lan Wangji kills him, that would make him the more moral person. Instead... Lan Wangji pauses, and then slowly moves to the side to allow Wei Wuxian and the Wen survivors to pass. As the hooves finally fade into the distance along with the rain, Lan Wangji lets his umbrella fall and allowing the rain to wash over him.
  • The fact that even though Lan Wangji knew he wouldn't be able to change Wei Wuxian's mind, he still trusts the other enough that he knows what's right. Even though there are no explicit love confessions, Lan Wangji's actions speak at how much he loves Wei Wuxian and how it took him all of his willpower just to turn away and let the man he loves turn his back against the world that was waiting to tear him apart.
  • As Lan Wangji sits in the teashop and hears the gossip on Wei Wuxian becoming increasingly malicious, he angrily slams his tea cup on the table but still holds his stoic expression. The whole room goes silent as he quietly gets up and leaves. Even if he hasn't seen Wei Wuxian in a while, he knows that Wei Wuxian has only the best of intentions at heart and rightfully refuses to hear any more slander about him.
  • Wen Yuan definitely brightens up Wei Wuxian's day as he is very playful with the boy when he's working. Saying he'll bury him in the dirt so he'll grow and they'll have more children running around. When Wen Yuan asks if he could have siblings, Wei Wuxian promises him he'll grow him some sisters and brothers.
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji meet in Yiling, when Wen Yuan clings to Lan Wangji's leg, for the first time in several months after Wei Wuxian took the Wen Remnants to Burial Mounds. They act like a family, with moments including Lan Wangji buying a toy for Wen Yuan, the trio sitting together for a meal, and Wen Yuan giving Wei Wuxian a spoon of his food which he eats with a grin.
  • As Wei Wuxian "treats" Lan Wangji to a meal, Wen Yuan continues to play with the man and Wei Wuxian attempts to get him to sit still, which the boy refuses to do. Lan Wangji then assures him he doesn't mind and as he takes a sip of his tea, he actually smiles a little. Wen Yuan then immediately listens to Lan Wangji when he tells him not to talk during meals, which surprises Wei Wuxian.
  • The three leave the restaurant in a hurry as one of Wei Wuxian's talisman's tell him something is wrong with Wen Ning. As he rushes outside with Wen Yuan, Lan Wangji pays, pauses to look down at the toys and quickly picks them up. He then asks Wei Wuxian why he wasn't carrying his sword with him since it would be faster to fly than run. Wei Wuxian brushes it off saying he forgot it, so Lan Wangji once again wordlessly takes Wen Yuan into his own arms and then the two quickly run towards the Burial Mounds.
  • Wen Qing smiles as she gently takes her now awakened brother's face into her hands, nearly crying with joy as the first words to come out of his mouth was his sister. Then all of the other Wens pour out of their hiding places to greet Wen Ning and ask if he recognizes them.
  • Wen Yuan begs Lan Wangji to stay for the night, but Wei Wuxian has to gently pry him off the other man's leg as he tells him he has his own family to go home to.
  • A blink and you'll miss it moment: as Wen Yuan stares at the lanterns being lit around the Burial Mounds, he outstretches his hand for Wei Wuxian to take. The older man quietly and smoothly takes the boy's hand.
  • When Wen Yuan sees Jiang Cheng at the Burial Mounds, he rushes over and hugs his leg.
  • Mian Mian is the only person to vocally stand up for Wei Wuxian in front of the other clans. When they dismiss her claims, she declares she will leave her clan if this is what they have become, throwing her uniform down in front of her clan leader and storming out of the building. Lan Wangji later follows her and while we don't hear or see their conversation they seem to respectfully part on good terms before she leaves.
  • Wei Wuxian attempts the impossible once more by trying to grow lotus flowers in the Burial Mounds. Wen Qing keeps telling him he's wasting his time since only radishes seem to grow well around the Burial Mounds, but he ignores her. He manages to grow a sprout and it's implied later on that the other Wen's decided to help and now Wei Wuxian has his own pond of lotus flowers.
  • While Wei Wuxian loses his temper and he yells at Wen Yuan, Wen Qing consoles the crying boy and gently tells him why Wei Wuxian acted the way he did, saying the flowers reminded him of his sister who he can no longer see but assures him it wasn't his fault. Then when Wen Yuan goes to apologize to Wei Wuxian, the older man has calmed down enough to tell the boy not to worry. A-Yuan then asks why he doesn't just go and see his sister and Wei Wuxian replies she lived too far away. Wen Yuan cheerfully tells him he can just fly there, leading to Wei Wuxian playing along with A-Yuan as the two flap their arms like wings.
  • Wei Wuxian's one hundred day celebration gift for his nephew? A bracelet he made that would repel minor ghouls and demons from him when he wears it.
  • During the Nightless City attack, Wei Wuxian goes nearly insane with grief and anger and starts attacking all the cultivation clans gathered there... except for the Jiang Clan. And while Jiang Cheng is conflicted on whether to defend his brother or not, at the very least he doesn't seem to hold any intent of attacking him either. Of course, that doesn't last...
  • Wei Wuxian immediately jumps down from the building and using his powers to make sure none of the soldiers hurt his sister as she tries to look for him.
  • It's more bittersweet than anything else, but unlike in the novel where Wei Wuxian died thinking that Lan Wangji hated him, the series has Wei Wuxian have the reassurance in his last moments that despite everything, there was at least one person who didn't hate him.
  • Although the context for it is still saddening, when Wei Wuxian dies for the first time, he goes out with a placid smile on his face.

Post-Time Skip
A family reunited at last.

  • In Episode 1, Wei Wuxian notices the cloud patterns on Lan Sizhui's robes and is immediately reminded of Lan Wangji. Later, when Wei Wuxian plays "Wuji" on his leaf, Lan Sizhui recognizes it. Whether it was Lan Wangji or Wei Wuxian who played it for him remains to be seen, it's heartwarming to realize that the song meant something to his guardian to the point of potentially being a lullaby.
  • If Lan Wangji humming to Wei Wuxian wasn't romantic enough in the novel and the other adaptations, The Untamed ups the ante by playing a montage of almost every interaction the pair has had before that point.
  • As Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji interrogate Nie Huaisang, Wei Wuxian keeps eyeing Nie Huaisang's fan and even takes it to examine it closer. When Nie Huaisang's given permission to leave and he gingerly tries to take his fan back, Wei Wuxian comments that the artwork was impressive. In the past he thought that (even though this was Nie Huaisang's favorite) fan the art wasn't great, but he chooses to act the opposite in his second life, or at least appreciates that Nie Huaisang hasn't seemed to change from their youth. Nie Huaisang thanks him for the compliment and adds that he has good taste as Wei Wuxian returns the fan.
  • Once he pulls the needles out of Wen Ning's head, he kneels in front of Wei Wuxian, calling him master. This makes Wei Wuxian uncomfortable as he tries to get him to stand and not refer to him that way. When Wen Ning refuses to budge, he kneels next to him, and then Wen Ning stands in a hurry to stop him. Wei Wuxian smiles and says it's better for the both of them to be standing if they want to talk. This shows how Wei Wuxian still wants Wen Ning to be his own person, not a mindless zombie to order around.
  • Episode 36:
    • Wei Wuxian gently tends to and cares for the drunk Lan Wangji. He carries him to bed, supporting his head, and tucks him in.
    • That Lan Wangji is and stays drunk in the first place, next to other reasons, also implies he trusts Wei Wuxian.
    • During Lan Wangji's drunken mischief, while Wei Wuxian gets a bit exasperated, he never shouts at and patiently looks after him, gently cajoling him to leave. He even adds his own name next to Lan Wangji's which the man carved on a wooden pillar. The implication, next to his own mischievous nature, is that if word gets out, both of them will face embarrassment, not only Lan Wangji.
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji share a Held Gaze when they spot each other at the night market although they saw each other shortly ago. And they buy the latern with the painted on rabbits - one similar to the one they released when they were both disciples and swore their oath. Wei Wuxian gives the lantern to Lan Sizui.
  • Lan Wangji's soft look when Wei Wuxian reminisces openly how they met in Nightless City and they ate together with Wen Yuan. This is the opposite of what Wei Wuxian does in Episode 35 where he claims he doesn't remember ever saying to Lan Wangji that he would carry him.
  • Wei Wuxian transfers his consciousness into a paper doll and momentarily plays with Lan Wangji's headband. Lan Wangji barely protests when Wei Wuxian does this, compared to the times when they were younger when he'd physically stop Wei Wuxian from going anywhere near his headband. As he gently tells him to stop fooling around, he lets the doll jump onto his outstretched hand and tells him to be careful before Wei Wuxian sets off. A sort of cute moment as well when Wei Wuxian's doll seems to be blowing a kiss at Lan Wangji before playing with his headband.
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji hides in a house that just so happens to be Mianmian's, who's now Happily Married and has a daughter. The duo hear the family talk, and their expressions soften and brighten when they hear how Mianmian taught her daughter that the Yiling Patriarch is not evil. This is more meaningful when you remember that almost all the cultivators and non-cultivators hold the opposite opinion. Even if Wei Wuxian is seen as the world's enemy, there are still the few who do know of his good deeds and will honor him.
  • Now that the secret's out, everyone refers to Wei Wuxian as Yiling Laozu or by his name (though usually insultingly), but the only person amongst them who refers to Wei Wuxian as "brother" is Nie Huaisang. Even though he knows Wei Wuxian committed atrocities in the past, he still sees him as his friend and treats him as such.
  • Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui reunite, the latter remembering how his uncle took care of him as a toddler. They take time to catch up with each other.
  • After Jin Ling breaks down crying and Jiang Cheng calls him back over to the boats, he gruffly asks his nephew who made him cry. While Jiang Cheng is usually rough with his nephew, it's moments like these that show he cares for him.
  • Nie Huaisang listening to the older clan leaders gossiping about Wei Wuxian's past, and he looks visibly uncomfortable just being near them. But when Ouyang Zizhen acts out and speaks up to the senior cultivators, Nie Huaisang is barely trying to hide a proud smile and even chuckles when Ouyang Zizhen talks back against his own father. He probably knows that this generation will learn to not be like their elders.
  • Sure, the scene is more heartcrushing than heartwarming. But there's the underlying fact that Wen Ning defies Wei Wuxian's orders of never telling anyone else about the golden core transfer and doesn't hold back with revealing the entire truth to Jiang Cheng, solely because Wei Wuxian's life was in danger and Wen Ning couldn't stand to see his friend be antagonized by his former brother any longer. Even Wei Wuxian - unlike in the novel - isn't enraged when he learns of the act. He's still frustrated, but only because he knows that a certain someone isn't bound to take the information well. This all ties in to Wei Wuxian encouraging Wen Ning to have more personal agency, and it shows in a moment that's both hard to watch and riveting all at once.
  • Wei Wuxian tries to ask Lan Wangji to set up a woman from his clan with Wen Ning. While it may seem funny, Wei Wuxian seriously tells Lan Wangji that after this whole affair is over, Wen Ning should have someone to be with, not constantly following him around like a servant. After so many years, Wei Wuxian believes this isn't the kind of life Wen Ning deserves.
  • As the protagonists talk, a group of children surround Wen Ning and playfully tease him. He makes no move to be outwardly aggressive instead opting to try and scare them with this looks. This doesn't work and they continue to giggle and play with him. Even earlier where he could have easily tossed the group of men harassing him aside, he chooses instead to just try and avoid them until he asks Wei Wuxian for help.
  • Jiang Cheng confronting Wei Wuxian over his golden core will still break your heart, but The Untamed does manage to make it a bit more uplifting by having Wei Wuxian approach Jiang Cheng and give him a pat on the shoulder while wiping his tears for him — none of which he did in the novel. Even if everything between them has changed too much for them to be like how they were in the past, they at least know that the other has no more hard feelings and that they truly wish the best for each other. Even more heartwarming was the way he wiped away Jiang Cheng's tears being similar to the way Jiang Yanli did for them.
  • Jin Ling gets mad at Jiang Cheng for pushing Wei Wuxian away, proving that he came so far from the brat that would get mad at anyone who even so much as mentioned the man's name or defend him.
  • Although he never says these words to Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng does seem to finally let go of some of his emotional baggage as he tells Jin Ling he would have sent his brother off with a gentle and final, "Take care of yourself."
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Sizhui's reunion in the finale, where the younger boy tells Wei Wuxian that he remembers who he was before hugging him. Nobody will blame you if you end up crying Tears of Joy with them. Wei Wuxian reminisces again about the past, mentioning how Wen Yuan also clung to Lan Wangji's leg when they met in Nightless City. It garners another soft look from Lan Wangji, who's clearly touched that Wei Wuxian does remember the moments they shared.
  • After Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji part for an indeterminate time, Wei Wuxian stands atop a mountain and is playing Wuji, when a familiar voice speaks his name. He freezes, turns around- and smiles. Cue the ending.
    Lan Wangji: Wei Ying.
  • In the special edition (also kept in Japan's released), the ending reveals that the after they reunite, Wei Wuxian ends up living in the Cloud Recesses. In one scene they share together has them both playing Wangxian and the final shot has them standing near a waterfall side by side with smiles on their faces as the camera slowly pans away from them. Even more heartwarming? The final episode for the special edition is titled "Wangxian".