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  • "So... we'll say that, what was it, July... 16th, um, 2010? Is when I propose to you?"
    Mal: (clearly surprised as Stephen shows her the ring) Stephen...
    Stephen: (can barely contain himself) Will you marry me?
  • In the 2017 April Fool's vlog, Laugh Track, Stephen adds a, well, Laugh Track to the episode, claiming it to be a permanent feature. In addition to laughter, he also edits in the audience cheering at numerous points, such as when mentioning ice cream or Seinfeld. The heartwarming is how he edits in the longest cheering yet for the Patreon producers when their names scroll along the bottom of the screen, and a moment later also edits in some cheering when he mentions Chaz helping come up with April Fool's ideas.
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  • Ever wanted to see Masae Anela say her adorable "Shine!" from her Super Mario Sunshine Let's Play in person? Well here ya go. (Chuggaaconroy's reaction is the icing on the cute cake.)
  • Any episode involving Stephen, Mal, Emile, Masae, and presents. The 12/20/14 vlog may be one of the sweetest ones yet: Emile gets Stephen and Mal an Xbox One and iPhone 6 Plus respectively, and even offers to pay off Mal's old phone so that she could switch right away! This moment alone speaks volumes about Emile's genuine generosity and kindness towards his friends; just knowing that he's more than willing to put his YouTube money towards some kickass Christmas gifts for his pals really makes you wanna give the guy a big hug (and Stephen does).
    • In Corn and Poop, Stephen and Mal give Masae an exclusive pre-release Papyrus plush and the official Undertale art book. The genuine joy and surprise on her face is quite the sight to see.
    • Masae immediately returns the favor by giving the Georgs homemade figurines of Kepler and Sagan, which can actually hold dice for Dungeons & Dragons on top of being cute little keepsakes. It just goes to show that while Emile puts his YouTube money towards buying them consoles, Masae dedicates her time and artistic skills to making them some pretty sweet presents.
    • In Why Are There Two?, Emile gives the Georgs not one, but two Nintendo Switch consoles, one for each of them. He even throws in some accessories, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and a few Zelda amiibo so they can have immediate access to the in-game bonuses. Note that the video's title came from Stephen's flabbergasted reaction, and it's probably the most surprised he's ever been at a gift from Emile.
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    • The gift that Stephen gives Emile is also very special: he went out of his way to design three new logos for his original Mother trilogy LPs, and put them in a frame so that Emile can display it in his enormous Earthbound collection. His reason?
      Stephen: I thought it'd be cool to add your story to Earthbound as well.
  • Ayrielle's Wish, enough said. Stephen and Mal head to Vancouver to visit a young girl with a congenital heart disease, whose wish was to play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. with them. She glows with joy when she finally meets the people she's watched "since kindergarten", and the three of them spend the entire day playing games and hanging out together. She even gets to end the vlog!
  • The vlog where it was revealed Mal resigned has comments from two of her former students saying how much they respected her. D'aww.
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  • When Stephen, Mal, and his parents decide to evacuate Myrtle Beach in the midst of Hurricane Florence, good old Emile allows them to stay at his house until things tide over. Despite the dilemmas going on back home, the family manages to stay positive and have a great time during their trip, which Stephen points out is the best thing to do in such a situation.
  • The Georgs finally sell Mal's Untitled Goose Game painting to their friend Lana, who eventually reveals that she and the "High Heel Gang" pooled their money together and bought the piece not for themselves, but for Stephen's parents, who had always admired Mal's work but never kept a painting of their own; until now, that is.
  • A small handful of vlogs following Sagan's unfortunate passing have a much more somber feel to them, a deliberate choice by Stephen as he and Mal are still undergoing the grieving process. There's no music, no "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?", and most notably, no end slatenote . A few days later, Stephen takes some time to thank everyone who supported them in their time of grief, from the friends who generously sent them gift cards to the fans who managed to get Sagan to trend on Twitter for a short period of time. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support, Stephen announces that the vlogs are finally gonna get back to normal, and even punctuates his announcement with some uplifting and heartwarming music.
    Stephen: [...] We're still taking it day by day, but I feel comfortable enough to end the vlog and say... Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?
    End Slate: We love you, Sagan! June 4, 2012 - February 20, 2020
    • Following that is the company that Stephen and Mal recently ordered cat food from being perfectly understanding about this happening. When the two called to ask about a refund about the cat food, they were told to not worry about it, they would get the refund, and they should donate the unneeded food to charity.
    • The hospital that the cats were taken to gave Stephen and Mal a card and a few other things offering their condolences about what happened. Really, really sweet.
    • At one point in the recording of Sagan's last day, there's a point where he gives a kind of wink at Stephen. According to one commenter, that is a sign that a cat loves you. Sagan managed to tell his dad one final time he loves him.
  • The reason why the June 3rd, 2020 episode was named "Good-Smelling Surprise". Mal had baked homemade cookies for her and Stephen. Stephen's reaction is adorable.

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