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  • The very fact the vlog is still going strong even into its ninth year!
  • Stephen promised Mal that he would not turn on the computer for one full day during her time off. He almost kept that promise.
  • Mal being Born Lucky in the early days when it comes to Magic cards; she ends up 5 for 5 on drawing mythic rares from booster packs (which has a one in eight chance of happening) over the course of her first on-camera visit with Stephen.
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  • During their trip to Japan, they went to the building of the company who made Earthbound. Just as they were leaving, they met Itoi.
  • The mere fact that Breakfast streams had consistently been on Tuesdays and Thursdays without fail for the most part, even when their situation is not the best such as dealing with Internet issues. This streak lasted up till February 20th, 2020 for the heartbreaking reason of Sagan passing away that day.
  • In a combination of Awesome and heartwarming, Mal's untitled goose game painting proved to be so popular that even the developers of the game tried to win the auction for the painting.
  • As noted on the Funny page, when Stephen was egged on by Thomas to attempt creative writing, he wrote the 3,800 word short story "The Good Burn" in the space of ninety minutes.


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