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  • Colbert Bump: A number of people found the channel from searching about Chuggaaconroy, due to his then-reputation as The Faceless. Chuggaaconroy! and "Visiting Chuggaaconroy" remain two of the channel's most popular vlogs.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Formerly Stephen's watchers were often known as Stephenites, but from around 2019 they began calling themselves "grandkids" (in reference to the running gag about he and Mal being 'Twitch grandparents' always asking for tech support).
  • Fan Nickname: Not to a character, but when attempting to Archive Binge all the vlogs, from Day 0 to whatever is current (over three thousand as of now, not counting bonuses), people refer to it almost exclusively as "the journey". Less frequent is "the Stephen journey".
    • Some parts of the vlog are generally named after the setting or major events by fans, like volumes or seasons. Time in college is "college/dorm vlogs", the time from his proposal to his marriage is "wedding vlogs", a series of vlogs where he meets up with another YouTuber is "meeting [X] vlogs", etc. These seem to apply even if the setting or event isn't current with most of the videos.
    • Multiple vlogs being released in a day is referred to as a "vlogalanche."
  • The Wiki Rule: There’s the fan-made StephenWiki.


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