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Some pretty awesome things happen as Stormfront wanders the Magical Land of Equestria, and its environs.

Awesome moments include:

  • Stormfront's Conflicting Loyalty moment, where she has to choose between contradictory orders from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on how to deal with her own Brainwashed and Crazy and possessed best friend Cashmere. Luna tells her to recruit Twilight Sparkle and the Element Bearers to purge Cashmere of his possession, which Stormfront knows is likely to result in Cashmere's death. Celestia tells her to pretend to be Celestia herself and confront the possessing spirit directly — which Stormfront knows is likely to result in her OWN death. What does Stormfront do? Confronts Cashmere alone, because she is completely willing to risk her own life to save that of a loved one. And remember, she's just a large Pegasus with a superior electrokinetic talent — she's not a meta-pony like most of the Mane Six.
    • The best part, YMMV, is her electrokinetic finisher. After Cashmere fires off a Rei Gun like blast from his tail, Stormfront climbs onto a cloud and fires off a directed lightning blast. The Oh, Crap! face he gives before it hits is epic.
    Cashmere: ...Oh. That's new. (Next post shows the bolt pwning him)

  • When you learn the Mother Kitsune's Batman Gambit to give her child a chance at survival at the cost of her own life, everything she did counted as awesome. Especially her I Die Free speech to the gigantic Eldritch Horror hope-eating Frost Giant, just before it consumes her:
    Kitsune: My progeny will know a better world than my own. I will not end in silence and sorrow. I will spread, and prosper, and escape the grip imposed on me. I have a reason to hope, and I will not hide that hope from you. I hope she thrives.

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