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  • Real-Life Example / Defictionalization: The city of Philadelphia has embraced the Rocky series so much, that the statue from Rocky III actually exists outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Adrian Balboa actually has a real grave in Philadelphia too, out of respect for the character. (Talia Shire is still alive and well as of this writing...)
    • Another example is when Muhammad Ali, when he could have been furious of himself being obviously parodied as Apollo Creed in the original film, appeared on the 1976 Oscars to do a comic little confrontation with Sylvester Stallone to make it clear to the world that there are no hard feelings. The sheer, unbridled delight on Stallone's face when he sees Ali out there on stage is the stuff of legend.


  • Gazzo may be a tough as nails Loan Shark, but he does genuinely care for Rocky enough to give him some free money for a date with Adrian, and to help prepare for his match against Apollo.
  • Despite using Rocky for his own needs, and one emotional outburst later, Paulie visits Rocky and politely asks if he could use his name in advertising, and reaffirms that they are both good friends.
    • Shown later as Paulie attempts to enter the ring after the match, hearing Rocky cry.
      "Hey, that's my friend in there!"
    • He slyly lifts a ring rope so he could sneak Adrian in.
  • How Rocky cares so much for Adrian through out the film.
    • Not to mention, Rocky not caring two bits about the judges' decision in the first and last films.
    • This. Just absolutely this. You've got Rocky who has just gone the distance with the Champ, surrounded by reporters asking him what he's going to do following the match, and all he cares about is her. It's the most heartwarming moment in Hollywood history:
  • Mickey's (cranky) concern over Rocky's job as a leg-breaker:
    Rocky (sheepish): It's a living.
    Mickey: IT'S A WASTE OF LIFE!
    • And later when Mickey decided to give Rocky a fighting chance against Apollo by being his manager. He's genuinely concerned for Rocky's wellbeing, and is hurt when he remembers that he did pretty much shun Rocky away when he needed help before.
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    • Only for Rocky to finally accept his help as they become good friends since.
  • Rocky comes home to find Adrian waiting with Butkus the bulldog, who she bought to keep Rocky company while he trains. He's so excited to have the dog he's been playing with whenever he visited Adrian at the pet store.


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