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Heartwarming / Creed II

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  • Look in the background when Donnie and Rocky are having dinner together; you see a fish tank containing Cuff and Link, the baby turtles Rocky was caring for in the first film. Sylvester Stallone confirmed on Instagram that they're the same turtles. He adopted them after filming and has kept them as his own personal pets for the last forty-four years.
  • Adonis telling Bianca that no matter what happens they are in it together.
    Adonis: This wont be the end of me or you... because we’re a team.
    • Bianca stands by her husband during the epic rematch by singing "I Will Go to War", as Adonis walks to the ring.
  • Ivan throwing in the towel for Viktor. It is the first (and only) selfless action that he takes in the entire franchise, and the way he comforts his son is gut-wrenching. It is also a reflection of the first Rocky's ending, where the real victory was the love between Adrian & Rocky fully realized.
    • A quick shot at the end shows Viktor back to training by running around the city again... This time with his father running alongside him, which brings a smile to his face.
  • Viktor blowing his top at the fancy dinner party is mostly due to the past disrespect shown to his father, not him. Far from being Dumb Muscle, Viktor is well aware that while Rocky beat his father, it was his own country, his own people, his own mother who abandoned both of them. It's pretty clear this isn't a son who thinks his father is weak or a failure, but one who is fiercely loyal to Ivan and outraged those same people would dare feign pride with him after thirty years of treating him as a pariah.
    Viktor: She left you! They all did! Abandoned you! Shamed you!
    • Bordering on a Tear Jerker is Ivan's half-tearful "I lost! I lost, but you won't." in response. One could easily see Ivan as using his son to right his own wrongs, but it's equally likely he pushed his son so hard because he is determined that while he may have to live with the stain of failure, his own son won't, and will have his own future of greatness instead.
  • Rocky wearing a Mighty Mick's Boxing shirt during Donnie's training.
  • Rocky going to Vancouver to visit his son and meet his grandson.
    Rocky: You look just like [your father's] mother.
  • Adonis finally visiting his father's grave.
  • Rocky proudly telling Adonis "It's your time" at the end of the film. Especially from a meta-perspective, as Stallone has been playing Rocky for nearly half a century, and this film showcases him Passing the Torch to another boxing icon.
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  • A deleted scene shows Adonis approaching Viktor after their climactic fight, and assuring him that this fight doesn't have to define either of them. A quite moment of humanity and sportsmanship that implies a mutual respect between the two.


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