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Heartwarming / Rocky III

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  • Rocky has been participating in a lot of charity events and did a lot for Philadelphia to the point of getting a statue of him standing on top of the steps of the Philadelphia history museum.
  • Mickey revealing to Rocky that the ten title defenses were all set ups. Mickey DID pick good fighters, but only those who wouldn't be as bad as Apollo was, just to make sure Rocky wouldn't get seriously hurt and have his livelihood threatened.
    "They're good fighters, but they're not killers!"
  • While mostly a Tear Jerker, Rocky at Mickey's funeral reciting a Judaism prayer with the help of a Rabbi is pretty heartwarming. Rocky himself is a Devout Roman Catholic, and the fact that he respects his trainer/mentor/father figure so much that he prays in Mick's religion, just shows how much he loves Mick.
  • Apollo Creed steps in to help Rocky train, not only wanting to see Clubber Lang get humiliated, but wanting to see to it that Rocky legitimately wins a match.
  • Pretty much any scene involving Rocky and Apollo crosses into heart warming territory. It helps that they used to be rivals, and now they become just like brothers.
    • Especially the final bit of the training montage where they exchange hugs.
    • Cemented even further when Apollo pretty much gives Rocky his shorts.
    "Make sure you wash it before you give it back, now."
    • After all that training Apollo and Duke gave Rocky, what does Apollo ask for return? A personal, friendly rematch with Rocky.
    Rocky: You wanna ring the bell, Apollo?
    Apollo: Oh alright (shakes his glove) Ding. Ding.
  • Once again, Rocky winning the big match. This time, he won it all on his own without relying on tricks and raw endurance, but with true skill. How happy he looked when that bell rang seals it in.


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