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  • The Ice Skating scene has plenty of funny moments, crossing with heart warming ones too.
    Adrian: Why do you fight?
    Rocky: Because I can't sing or dance.
  • Adrian is clearly embarrassed at being alone with Rocky in his apartment.
    Rocky: I can call your brother if that's what you mean. (Opens up the window and yells) Yo Paulie, your sister is here with me! I'll call you later, all right?
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  • A Brick Joke. Before the match, Adrian was wearing a hat. When Rocky cries out to her and Adrian finds him in the ring...
    Rocky: ADRIAN!
    Adrian: Rocky!
    Rocky: ...yo, where's your hat?
  • Who could forget this one.
    Mickey: Your nose is broken.
    Rocky: How does it look.
  • Apollo's "George Washington riding a boat and throwing a dollar" impression, followed by wearing an Uncle Sam-like outfit and saying "I want you! I want the Stallion!"
  • The Rocky films have had very off-the-wall action figures made at times, but the most infamous by far is The Meat.


The Swedish comicbook

  • One strip has Rocky talking to one of his friends about how he's in a bad mood because he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, and they're about to meet and talk about it. He sourly predicts that she's going to bring up the fact that he previously cheated on her, and then she'll start crying, and then he'll have to comfort her, and then they'll make up and put the whole thing behind them. The friend suggests that that should count as a happy ending, then, but Rocky shows his... unique priorities:
    Rocky: No, because I want my martyr points that I have earned!


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