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  • Rocky: I've been running up and down these steps for twenty years, and I never knew there was valuable pictures in this building.
  • George Washington Duke sets out to be such a Large Ham that he manages to go straight into Narm Charm territory by the finale, literally yelling at the top of his voice and screeching about how Tommy had better win, despite toting the Idiot Ball and sending his new champion against a retired, increasingly old boxer who he (and others higher than him in the sport) know to have brain damage.
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  • Rocky finds a drawing of an incredibly buxom nude woman in his son's room. His son replies that that's his French teacher.
    Rocky: [looks at the drawing more closely] Yeah, she looks French to me. I wouldn't show this to your mother, since she don't understand French too good...
  • Rocky is drinking with a couple of overweight middle-aged bar patrons, and hear a disturbance outside, later revealed to be Tommy:
    Man: Yo Rock, you want some help?
    Rocky: (casually) No guys, it ain't no pie-eating contest.

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