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  • Rocky defeating Tommy Gunn in a street fight and then punching George Washington Duke into a car at the end of the film is extremely satisfying.
  • This is debatable, but Robert standing up to the bullies that picked on him, and then asking them to be friends is certainly awesome in a sense.
  • Paulie takes a stand against Tommy Gunn, who insults Rocky. Paulie gave him a verbal smack down, and it pissed him off enough to punch Paulie in the face. Paulie takes it like a champ though.
    Paulie: Tommy, you're a piece of garbage, you know that?
    Tommy: It ain't none of your business.
    Paulie: Ain't none of my business? Ain't none of my business?! The man spit blood for ya, put you ahead of his own family, and you bring these rat bums (GW Duke and company) around here. Huh, Tommy? You got any dignity? Rocko made you your shot, you know that? He's the real champ, and you're just a god damn joke! Now get out of here before I break your head in!
    • Rocky gets angry and now he wants to spill Tommy's blood. On top of that, he denied Duke's satisfaction for a sanctioned fight.
    Rocky: (To Tommy) Now you knocked Paulie down, why don't you try knocking me down.
    GW Duke: Nah ah, in the ring! In the ring! Tommy Gunn only fights in the ring! (To Tommy) Let's get out of here.
    Rocky: My ring's outside.
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  • An out of shape, out of practice Rocky still packs a heck of a punch. He stands up to Tommy Gunn, despite taking a serious beating to the head (which could have killed him or permanently damaged him further), he's still able to beat down Tommy Gunn.
  • Say what you will about this movie, say anything bad about it, but you can hardly deny that fight scene that occurred is one of the best in the whole series yet. All thanks to this music for making it awesome!
  • The work print version of the film is almost superior in every way to the theatrical version (as covered in this YouTube video, "Rocky V (1990) Ain't That Bad"), especially when it came to the final street fight and its non-remixed version of the Bill Conti music as well as the "ghost" of Mickey Goldmill cheering Balboa on care of his damaged brain having hallucinations.


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