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Tear Jerker / Rocky V

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  • Rocky finds himself having lost all his money, and really desired to go back up, only to learn the heart-shattering truth that he cannot fight again without the risk of being permanently damaged.
  • Through all the bad times going on, Rocky does his best to stay positive; his "home team" speech to his son while their home is being auctioned off comes to mind. Yet, once they're back in the old neighborhood, when Rocky sees that Adrian has taken her old job at the pet store in order to help make ends meet, it all starts to sink in, and the Rock starts to crack.
    Rocky: Did we ever leave this place?
    Adrian: I don't know.
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  • Rocky nearly losing his own son, though to be fair, he did bring this onto himself.
  • Adrian's tearful What the Hell, Hero? speech to Rocky.
    Adrian: All of those beatings you took in the ring, I took them with you!
  • Even after being ditched, Rocky is still on Tommy's side. We see him cheering on him while watching his bout against Union Cane for the championship... And then, after winning, Tommy credits only Duke. Rocky's face says it all.
    • The final thing that tips the scale is Paulie getting battered by Tommy; prior to this, Rocky is willing to ignore Tommy's demands for a televised fight. Afterward, Paulie - nursing his face - tells Rocky they should have left Tommy where they found him. Rocky looks furious. Not only has the kid he treated better than his own family disavowed him, he's hurt his family.
  • Rocky's flashback scene. He stands in the abandoned ruins of Mickey's old gym, and has a memory of a heartwarming talk between him and Mickey, complete with Mickey telling Rocky how Rocky gives Mick the motivation to go on living, and including the famous "GET UP YOU SONUVABITCH! Cause Mickey loves ya!" lines. Tears are practically inevitable. Scene


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