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  • Chris' aunt telling him how nice he looks in full Bobby Beers garb...then wiping his smudged eyeliner.
  • The identically-dressed Blood Pollution and Black Babylon, both Steel Dragon tribute bands fighting in the parking lot.
  • The morning after the Steel Dragon concert at the start of the film, Chris wakes up to a police officer searching his bedroom. Chris tackles the cop to the ground and they begin to struggle, when the cop suddenly starts yelling for their mother, who rushes in and breaks up the fight. It's an absolutely hilarious way of introducing Chris' brother, Rob.
    • Their exchange at breakfast is even funnier, and mostly ad-libbed.
    • The bedroom fight has a Freeze-Frame Bonus. Despite the city of Keystone, PA being long dissolved by the 1980s, Rob's arm patch marks him as a literal Keystone cop.
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  • Chris' shocked reaction when Bobby Beers tells him that he's gay. Chris' reaction is similar to how a lot of heavy metal fans reacted when Rob Halford came out of the closet.
  • After Chris' first concert with Steel Dragon, he is in a limousine with his family when a groupie suddenly pushes her bare breasts against the window from the outside. Chris jokingly asks Rob why he doesn't arrest her, and Rob (without looking away from the topless woman) calmly remarks "Not my jurisdiction, bro."
  • A.C., the drummer for Steel Dragon, enters his hotel room in a rage and begins smashing everything in sight (culminating in him throwing a television set out the window). Chris asks Kurt what's wrong, and Kurt replies "His wife just ran off with Peter Gabriel."

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