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Moment subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
"Mistakes are for making up. You try 'til it's right!"
Even a Denser and Wackier Sentai season like this one can bring in sweet moments that leave you happy for the heroes.

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    No. 1-kai! The Crazy Cool Kikai World-kai! 
  • The fact that despite the initial merge being confusing for both worlds, the humans and Kikanoids get along quite well.
  • In the short Flashback we got of Kaito's parents, we can see that they were incredibly encouraging towards their son, telling him that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you keep on trying.
  • Kaito resolving to save the world from the Tojitendo because that's what his parents would've wanted.
  • Despite having recently been treated like he was another one of the monsters by humans, Juran still dove to save a human child from a Kudack. Seeing this selfless and heroic act from a Kikainoid towards a human was enough to convince Kaito that he had to have Juran on his team.
  • Kaito in this episode is just a Crowning Person of Heartwarming. From the start of the series, he has always been kind to the Kikanoids and never shunned them for their differences. Even when the Tojitendo attacked, he's seen them in such a positive light, never going as far to say that they're the exact same as the Tojitendo.
  • Yatsude in a lesser light was also a Crowning Person of Heartwarming this episode, offering to let the Kikanoids roam around, and in Juran's case, take up residence in her home out of pure altruism.

    No. 2-kai! The Roaring Wild Beast is a Huge Pain-kai! 
  • Kaito's kindness comes back again in this episode as he decides to become friends with Gaon, despite the Kikanoid rejecting his offer to become a Zenkaiger.
  • As soon as Juran figures out what's going on, he instantly offers a cloth to Kaito to protect him.
  • Gaon resolving to become a Zenkaiger to protect the animals of the world after seeing them suffer at Kinoko Wald's hands is Heartwarming and Awesome.
  • Yatsude taking in Gaon in stride after seeing their battle against Kinoko Wald.

    No. 3-kai! The Seriously Anxious Witch-kai! 
  • Magine and Juran's reunion is a delight to see, especially for the former since she has been stuck on this Earth for a month all alone.
  • Despite her fortune-telling being a near dud, even by her own admission, Kaito tells Magine that her fortune-telling was really fun nonetheless. They may have gotten nowhere close to their goal, but they went to some pretty cool places and had a good time. To him, fortune-telling doesn't have to be always right; it just has to give them a push, which is what leads to Magine officially joining the team.
  • Seeing a young Magine join in on Juran and the other Kikanoids' game back in Kikaitopia is incredibly sweet.
  • Juran and Magine may not be related by blood (or really whatever Kikanoids are built of), but they treat each other as family despite not having seen each other in a while.

    No. 4-kai! The Trembling Huge Busybody-kai! 
  • Despite the others being rightfully skeptical of Vroon's status as a Tojitendo cleaner, Kaito still regards the Kikanoid with kindness, even humoring Vroon's Constantly Curious nature because he knows that Vroon obviously loves knowledge.
  • Vroon going out of his way to clean Colorful despite having no reason to.

    No. 5-kai! The Grip-and-Grasp Sushi Tournament-kai! 
  • Juran gives Kaito a pep-talk when they're both trapped in Sushi Wald's seaweed restraint out of concern for Kaito's behavior earlier. He understands that Kaito wants to find his parents, but he lets him know that he can't do it alone when he's got a team right behind him. This allows Kaito to realign his interests and focus at the battle at hand.
  • Even with Yatsude and Kaito's understandable sadness at Isao and Mitsuko's whereabouts, Juran tells them that they'll find them eventually with all of them in tow.

    No. 7-kai! The Demon Prince has a Short Fuse-kai! 
  • Yatsude, in one of her tough love moments, tells the others that Gaon truly does care in his own peculiar way, which makes Juran change his mind just a bit.
  • Kaito gives Gaon an encouraging pep-talk about their own biases against Stacey and the fake Sentai. Even though Gaon has the right to hesitate, the fake Sentai are still fakes, which means that he doesn't have to worry about accidentally hurting a human.

    No. 9-kai! The World-Traveling Pirates' Two-Cool Tour-kai! 
  • Zox dropping his duel with Kaito to go after Kashiwa Mochi Wald is oddly heartwarming.
  • Kaito, despite having every reason to not trust Zox (and by extension his family), still tries his very best to get along with them, even smiling at the Pongi gave the team because he believes that there is some good inside of the pirate.

    No. 10-kai! The Skies are Blue, Be It Day or Night-kai! 
  • Zox and Flint's goal to cure their brothers from SDTopia's curse is a mix of this and Tearjerker.
  • The team has a conversation about the Goldtsuikers, unsure about what to do with them. While the others argue that they really shouldn't trust them (except for Gaon obviously), Kaito isn't quite so sure, relating to the family to an extent when it comes to their loved ones (the Goldtsuikers twins and his parents respectively). He even brings up the incident with Sushi Wald as a way to make his point. Secchan points out to him however that unlike the Goldtsuikers, he still cared for the civilians despite his selfishness.
  • The team swooping in at the very last minute to save a group of civilians from being crushed by a piece of rubble that came out of Zox's fight with Mahiru Wald. If you look at their reactions, they are clearly grateful for the team saving them, while paying no attention to Zox.

    No. 11-kai! The Encroaching World Is One of Tag-kai?! 
  • Flint proceeding to thank Kaito for being the one who gave her the idea to make the other Sentai Gears for her brother to use and, ultimately, being able to save the day because of it. Her thanks is genuine and sincere. Not bad for someone who, in the previous episode, was wondering if they should just off the Zenkaigers while they had the chance.

    No. 14-kai! The Decisive Duel! Zenkai Versus Twokai! 
  • The party at the end of the episode is one long moment of Heartwarming. There's little infighting between the Goldtsuikers and the Zenkaigers, aside from the little bit where Zox steals from Kaito's plate, allowing them to enjoy each other's presence and the massive amount of food available. The Goldtsuikers are ever so slowly getting to truly be a part of the Zenkaigers.
  • When Magine and Juran question Yatsude if it was okay to make that much food for the Goldtsuikers, she doesn't mind it one bit, stating wholeheartedly that it's a special occasion and that they'll get their fill.

    No. 15-kai! The Tubular and Sudden Retro Rewind Kai! 
  • Yatsude has a huge moment of heartwarming through the whole episode. She cheers up Ryo, a new kid in the neighborhood, who until they met couldn't fit at all and only wanted to move to his old home.
    • Also related, Kaito implies that he's only this optimistic because Yatsude encouraged him to try to be as happy as he could just so they could make his parents jealous.
  • The team is nothing but supportive towards Ryo, trying their very best to understand and cheer him up.
  • Crosses over with Tearjerker; when Yatsude tries to motivate Stacey to join the dance, Stacey briefly sees his mother in her.

    No. 17-kai! The Anxiously Mumbling Occult Club-kai! 
  • It's revealed that the kids of the episode were all considered outsiders to their fellow peers, much like Magine. Their common interest in the occult made them quick friends, eventually bonding with Magine in the process.
  • The extra lengths the team goes in order to make the kids happy, from coming up with a plan using the invisible Juran to make them believe that a ghost was in the abandoned school to easily going along with them when they claim that they did find a ghost.
  • In a weird way, Magine going utterly apeshit over the Wald ruining her plans both times. All she wants to do is to make the kids happy, and nobody is going to get in the way of that.
  • The Reveal that invisible!Juran went to the school in the middle of the mecha battle to trick the kids into believing that there was actually a ghost the entire time.

    No. 18-kai! The Times in Life are Short, so Fall in Love-Zenkai! 
  • As short and hilarious Karen and Vroon's relationship was, it's still very sweet to see the two just having fun in each other's presence.
  • Vroon questions why his feelings over Karen haven't gone away. Juran points out that Vroon's feelings may have been real after all, which leads to the former to wonder.

    No. 19-kai! The Renewed Zenkai, is a Super Zenkai! 
  • Kaito gets reminded of his last outing with his parents when the team is beetle hunting, specifically of the moment where his parents encouraged him to think big when his younger self brought a gigantic beetle. This memory spurns him to break out of the illusion, refocusing on his goal to save his parents.
  • When Kaito wonders how the Zenkaiju Gear blueprints were able to get to Secchan, Yatsude speculates that Isao and Mitsuko probably tried to help him in some way, even if they weren't there physically. In many ways, she is very much right.

    No. 20-kai! Swordsman and World Pirate, a Brother's Promise! 
  • At the end of the episode when Ryoga and Reika are getting ready to leave to return to their own world, with the implication they will never return. Upon realizing this, Reika goes over and unexpectedly hugs Magine goodbye, but to the amazement of everyone around her.
    • Crosses over into a bit of heartwarming in real life as Reika's actress, Angela Mei, is a fan of Zenkaiger and Magine in particular.

Specials and Movies

     Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Spin-Off: Zenkai Red Great Introduction 
  • When ZenkaiRed mocks Kaito for assembling a team of Kikainoids and not humans, Magine, Zyuran, and Vroon all instantly jump to his defense.
  • A returning Tsuruhime reassures Kaito that it doesn't matter who or what you are, but what it takes to be a leader is heart.


  • Kiita Komagine (Kaito) uploaded a video of his manager announcing that he got the role. His reaction is nothing less of adorable.
  • The voice actors' reactions to their casting is absolutely made of this:
    • Doubling as a Funny moment, Shintarō Asanuma (Juran) stated that he was once in a Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger stage show, playing Mammoth Ranger. Now he gets to actually be a ranger, as a Zyuranger-inspired one no less!
    • Yuki Kaji (Gaon) put out a tweet shortly after the press conference stating his immense excitement for the show. He says that it was a dream of his to become a Sentai ranger and even went on to say that he'll start supporting yellow rangers from now on because of his role as Gaon. His excitement for the show week after week despite not being able to see the episodes premiere most of the time due to his schedule is also very sweet.
    • Yume Miyamoto (Magine) expressed her excitement being able to be a pink ranger, citing that that Mika Kikuchi (Umeko/DekaPink) was a huge inspiration for her growing up.
    • Takuya Sato (Vroon) was positively ecstatic, stating that he was very grateful for the opportunity to be a Sentai hero through voice acting as his height prevented him from being one in-person.
  • After the premiere of episode 4, Takuya Sato put out an incredibly heartwarming tweet.
    "If ZenkaiOh is the "gattai" of the Zenkaigers, I think that the Kikanoids are the "gattai" between suit actors and us voice actors."
  • Any time the voice actors go out of their way to visit the set.
  • Hinami Mori, who plays Flint, celebrating her twentieth birthday on set and getting a cake that is said to be from Zox, Twokai Katanar, and Twokai Rikki. She thanks her family for the gift.
  • As shown on her Twitter, actress Angela Mei, who plays Reika Shindai on Zenkaiger's sister show is a fan of Magine, to the point where some of her recent posts involve her with Magine-themed merchandise, as well as photos of her with the character herself.

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