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Timeline / Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

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  • The Goshikida Professors discover the Parallel Worlds and Super Sentai, producing the Zenkaiger equipment before their disappearance 10 years prior. (No. 1-kai!)
  • The Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo conquer numerous Parallel Worlds including the 44 Super Sentai worlds, which are sealed in the Tojiru Gears. (No. 1-kai!)


  • The Goshikidas' world is merged with a portion of Kikaitopia, resulting in the appearance of Kikainoid civilians who interact with humans peacefully. (No. 1-kai!)
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  • A month later, the Tojitendo start their physical invasion of the Goshikidas' world, the last left to conquer but unable to be sealed. Kaito forms the initial Zenkaiger team with Juran. (No. 1-kai!)
  • The next day Gaon joins the team. The Zenkaigers defeat Kinoko Wald, freeing Kinokotopia. (No. 2-kai!)
  • Magine joins the team. The Zenkaigers defeat Koori Wald, freeing Kooritopia. (No. 3-kai!)
  • Vroon joins the team. The Zenkaigers defeat Boxing Wald, freeing Boxingtopia. (No. 4-kai!)
  • Kaito's missing parents are hinted to have a connection with the Tojitendo. The Zenkaigers defeat Sushi Wald, freeing Sushitopia. (No. 5-kai!)
  • Kaito meets the mysterious Stacey. The Zenkaigers defeat Gomi Wald, freeing Gomitopia. (No. 6-kai!)
  • Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger the Movie: Red Fight! All Sentai Great Assemble!!
  • Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Spin-Off: Introducing ZenkaiRed!
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  • Ijirude invents the Geartozinger and Darkness Gears to counter the Zenkaigers. Stacey uses it to become Stacaesar. (No. 7-kai!)
  • Stacey sparks a rivalry towards Kaito. The Zenkaigers defeat Door Wald, freeing Doortopia. Zox enters the fray as Twokaizer, seeking the Tojiru Gears. (No. 8-kai!)


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