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Heartwarming / Judge Dredd

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  • The end of Blood Trails, after Vienna dispatches Pasha, she and Dredd share an embrace. Dredd may be the living embodiment of the law, but deep deep down, he'll always do his best for his niece.
  • This moment with Anderson.
  • This exchange from the end of Trifecta:
    Dredd: Maybe Mega-City One is hell — right now I'll admit it's hard to argue but...
    Dirty Frank: But we will never float above it, looking down. No matter how bad things get, we will never abandon it. It is... Home.
  • After Dredd kills Rico, he carries his body alone stating "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."
  • After Beeny's robot is killed at the end of Cadet, she notes that he was like family. Dredd reassures her that the justice department is her family now.
  • Just before Dredd takes the Long Walk, he releases the remaining prisoners arrested during the Democratic march in an attempt to atone for his actions during said march. He reckons that it's only a token gesture, but Blondel Dupré doesn't forget it and she later muses that Dredd was good enough to do that for her.
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  • Dredd essentially going against the entire city to repeal the mutant ban so that others like his cousins can enter the Big Meg.
  • Before he executes him, Dredd tells Kraken that he doesn't blame him for what happened, as the Sisters Of Death nearly killed him. Kraken thanks him before Facing Death With Dignity.
  • In one of the flashback scenes in Origins, Dredd and his clone brother Rico are taking a short break from guarding Fargo. They promise each other that they'll always stick together no matter what.
  • Any time Dredd decides to use legal loopholes to help out citizens. Examples include allowing a grieving husband to euthanise his brain dead wife after his Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the mob that was responsible, reserving an apartment for a former academy classmate for when she gets out of the cubes after he deals with some thugs trying to get her out so a new block can be built, advising Mrs Gunderson to becomes a Haunted House Historian when she finds herself in financial difficulty because she can't keep tenants and granting Mercy Kills to irradiated citizens during the Apocalypse War.


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