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Heartwarming / Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

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You have to be slightly demented to be heartwarmed by Johnny, but he has his moments.

  • The best may be the last panel of the comic book, which, while making it clear Nny still wishes for emotionlessness and still kills people, also shows a more optimistic outlook on Johnny's situation and leaves us with the final image of our favorite murderer cheerily ordering a Brain Freezy.
  • A lot of his interactions with Squee almost get to be this... then he ruins it by telling Squee the underground tunnel is full of corpses and tells him to sleep tight. Perhaps the best one, though, is him restraining himself from killing Squee's unconscious and probably blind father—"a kid needs a dad", after all. His parting words are basically about how Squee shouldn't let himself be controlled by his fears and hates and still has a chance to stay sane.
    Listen, Squee, I just want to make sure you'll watch out for yourself. That unconscious man on the floor is just one of your worries. I'm just concerned. It's easy to be affected by your fears, your hatred. I don't want to see that happen to you. You seem like such a nice little Squee. It must be nice to still have the opportunity to save the cohesion of your pretty mind. The best some people can hope for is to better manage the damage.
  • Nny attempting to pour his heart out to Devi before he leaves almost is this, as he calmly and patiently explains that he knows what he did was awful, but didn't at the time, and that all he wants now is that "the thought of me does not compel you to violent spasms of projectile vomiting." But then Devi picks up the phone and turns it into a Tear Jerker, screaming at him about just how futile any chance of reconciliation or closure is because she's become terrified to leave the house much less be social since he tried to kill her.
    • A better example between these two is when we first see them interacting—The Date. Not only is Johnny acting sane for once, he's apparently always able to be like this around Devi; hell, he's flat-out Adorkable. He's happy. Johnny's able to declare himself happy for once, and he's been making someone else happy to boot. No wonder it evolves into such a Tear Jerker. Damn Doughboys.
  • On a meta level, there's the time someone asked Jhonen about whether Squee and Johnny were the same person (due to some Timey-Wimey Ball sort of thing, or maybe just symbolically) in different phases of life. Word of God Jossed the theory because despite everything he's been through-
    Jhonen: Squee's just a good kid, wants to be comfortable and happy... I think Squee's gonna be alright.

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