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The Comic

  • Finger Of Suspicion. One man with his hand permanently stuck Flipping the Bird attempting to go about his daily business. Cue being attacked by several judges and street gangs, culminating in him being (non-fatally) shot by Dredd.
  • From "The Day The Law Died,"
    Walter The Wobot: That cweep Judge Dwedd has just been here, shooting guns and waising hell.
    Control: You're mistaken, robot. There's no Judge Dwedd on the force.
    Walter The Wobot: Not Judge Dwedd. Walter say Judge Dwedd.
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  • From an early story:
    Dredd: What do you want written on your tombstone, punks?
    Criminal: "Died of old age", Judge, we surrender!
  • The reveal of Judge Fish in "The Day the Law Died", but especially the other judges objections: "he lacks mobility", indeed!
  • Later, a pair of Judges let Dredd escape because they've realized that Judge Cal is insane. The Judge in charge of their punishment knows they're right, but is afraid of Cal's reaction. So he orders them to wear women's clothing and claims Judge Fish assigned the punishment. The best part is that Cal buys it.
  • Public Defender 314's habit of calling its actions. Pause For Emphasis.
  • Mean Machine Angel as a Private Investigator in the Alternity special. The Unreliable Private Eye Monologue which details his "cases" (which are essentially just Bar Brawls that blunderingly end up pissing off The Mafia) is just downright hilarious.
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  • During The Apocalypse War, Mega City one launches twenty five TADs at East Meg One. For reference, each TAD is capable of destroying a Mega City twice over. The East Meggers activate "The Apocalypse Warp", a shield that transports missiles into an Alternate Universe. The reality the nukes arrive in is a New-Age Retro Hippie earth where peace has reigned for a thousand years. The hippies all look up, noting how pretty the nukes look, before the earth is literally shattered.
  • When the corrupt Judge Sinfield reassigns Judge Rico (the second one, not the Evil Twin) to Judge Dredd's mutant towns out of a vindictive grudge against Rico for rejecting to pass Sinfield's younger clone rookie, Rico gets in a delightyfully witty snipe before heading off.
    Rico: Before I go, just tell me one thing... one little thing...
    Sinfield: What?
    Rico: What in Hell's name persuaded them to clone you!?
    Sinfield: Get out! Get out of this office!
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  • "The Cursed Earth" featured a Rushmore Refacement where the leader of the Mutant Brotherhood added his face to the five presidents already present. The fifth president you ask? Jimmy Carter.
  • "The League of Fatties" sees a group of Fatties go on a protest march. It promptly runs into trouble:
    "The fact that the march route was twenty-five kilometers long can only be put down to bad planning."
  • Judge Cal sentencing the entire city to death from his bathtub.
    • A Judge sent to assassinate Dredd reports back to Cal, but the Chief Judge had ripped a button off his uniform. Cal orders him to strip and tells him he'll perform his duties wearing only his boots, helmet... and red polka-dot underwear. And reading on, you'll find that he does! And that nobody seems to care.
  • Gestapo Bob, leader of the Cosmic Punks, wears a helmet adorned with the phrase "There's no Justus, there's just us."
  • When PJ Maybe instructs Inga on how to impersonate Judge Hershey's public persona, the way she manages to turn the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" into a convoluted political speech is quite hilarious.
    "The dog was lazy, and while laziness in itself is not a crime, it certainly constituted an enticement to the fox, which unsurprisingly jumped over it. Several reliable accounts attest that the fox was not only brown, but extremely quick."
  • A funny little moment in an otherwise grim story happens in "America 2: Fading Of The Light". The Oscars are still around, but are now nicknamed the Arnies.
  • Justice Department hires a flamboyant director to do a biography on Judge Dredd for public relations. He goes way overboard with Hollywood Style in both the pitch and execution, including such highlights as the Younger and Hipper Dredd stopping in the middle of his confrontation with Rico to have sex with a Fanservice Extra, and Dredd's entire Rogues Gallery suddenly showing up to do a dance number.
  • In an early story, shortly after Dredd returns from Luna-1 he starts a casual walk down the street where he gently reminds a group of armed robbers that their actions are illegal and tells another man that he can't do anything about the bar brawl but that the Justice Department will help all while smiling pleasantly. Then he gets given his reinstatement papers and within five minutes turns into the grumpy, aggressive Dredd we know and love.
  • In the 2015 sci-fi summer special story "Let's Get To Work", Dredd is inspecting the permits for a movie that's being shot. Turns out that it's the first film in over thirty years not to be a remake or a sequel. And after dealing with the story's villain when Dredd asks what the movie is about, turns out the plot was Ripped from the Headlines from one of his old cases from decades ago.
  • "Sleeping Duty" features a trio of perps who break into what they think to be an evidence lockup, but what turns out to be a waystation where Dredd is making use of a sleep machine. With only a few minutes before he wakes, they discuss what to do. His reputation as a Memetic Badass and being Made of Iron are lampshaded as they know that killing him or running won't work. Their solution? Tie themselves up to save him the trouble.
  • Singing and dancing zombies in Judgment Day.
    Judge Dredd: For Grud's sake!
  • From a Batman crossover, when Scarecrow uses his toxin on Judge Death, his worst fear is this.
    • During the Batman Vs Judge Dredd Crossover, the two duke it out one on one, in a playground. Complete with Batman being hit in the crotch by a seesaw and Dredd being hit on the head by a swingset.
  • What if Judges Did Ads?
  • John Wagner as the villain of "Old Pals' Act". Dredd comes to arrest him while he's in the bath. Wagner's bathtub is fitted with rockets, allowing him to flee without getting out of the bath.
  • Outside of canon, some artists are known to do the occasional joke panel. Dark Judges getting hammered?
  • In Chapter 21 of the Cursed Earth epic, Spikes is trying to teach Tweak math. When Spikes shows Tweak 1+1=2, Tweak simply says “yes, keep up the good work Spikes”. Spikes is hilariously flustered and tells Tweak to try, Tweak ends up going the E = MC Hammer route for solving the same math problem.
  • The "Emerald Isle" story, where Ireland has been turned into The Theme Park Version of, well, Ireland: Green everywhere, genial local saying "Top o' the morning" and potatoes for everyone. Understandably, the locals are trying to bring an end to it.
    • The final shootout is in a potato factory, where we learn the last potato died in 2052. They've been importing rice and molding it into a potato shape ever since. Even the villain thinks it's funny.
  • During "The Forever Crimes", one of the perps involved knows that Dredd is after him and attempts to escape. Through a garbage grinder.
  • In "The Samaritan", Dredd's sudden disappearence under nasty circumstances prompts the robot-judge Patsy to call Rico and, solemnly and seriously, ask him for assistance using Twin Telepathy. He's promptly informed that it doesn't work that way.

The Film

  • "Eat recycled food. It's good for the environment and okay for you."
  • Judge Hershey: "JUDGE BITCH!"
    • Just generally the entire scene where Dredd and Rico decide to settle things ham to ham.
  • Fergie's impression of Dredd: "Mr. UH-EM-DE-LUW!"
  • Fergie's panic when he realizes the Angel Family are going to eat him...or as Dredd said, "Your new friends? They're cannibals."
    "Eat Dredd! He works out!"
  • A meta example occurred when the film was adapted into a serialised strip in the News Of The World with veteran 2000 AD artist Ron Smith drawing it. Originally, it was intended to have Dredd drawn as Sylvester Stallone in order to stay faithful to the film until Stallone's agent told Smith that he'd have to pay Stallone to use his likeness. Smith's response was to draw Dredd to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger instead.


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