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Heartwarming / Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the beginning, when Dib is spending all his time in his room fused to a chair, Professor Membrane is actually rather understanding of the hard time he's going through. Sure, he's misunderstanding the reason behind the hard time he's going through, but it's still an early sign that he cares more than he seems to.
  • When Dib is despairing in Moo-Ping 10, he expects Gaz to say "I told you so" or otherwise kick him while he's down. However, Gaz refuses, saying that she only treats him as badly as she does because she knows he can handle it, and won't do anything when he's already this low, showing that she does care about her brother.
    • Dib and Gaz's interactions in general. Like the comics, they have a lot more brother and sister interactions, and the movie gives us a lot of moments where they actually get along, like the siblings being ecstatic about entering space or just enjoying music together.
  • This scene. And unlike most sentimental moments in Jhonen Vasquez's works, it's played entirely straight.
    Dib: I'll prove everything to you! Just hang on! You'll be proud of me!
    Professor Membrane: Son, you don't have to prove anything. I'm always proud of you.
    • Their last scene together also consists of a happy moment...albeit Membrane's disbelief of the paranormal, but even then Dib doesn't seem as bothered by it anymore. Knowing his dad loves him and is proud of him is enough.
    • Despite the fact Membrane thinks everything that happens post-planet teleport is just a hallucination, he doesn't hesitate for a second to jump in and save Dib. Even from "imaginary" threats, the Professor can't stand the possibility his kids might get hurt.
  • This is another plot that shows that while Gaz' fondness for her brother comes and goes, she adores her father. Even before everything goes down, she's largely concerned that Dib might ruin their father's big day, and when he doesn't listen to her she gets particularly angry at him for getting Membrane kidnapped and replaced. After Zim makes his play, while Dib wants to prevent Zim from threatening humanity, Gaz is singularly fixated on getting Membrane back - letting out one of her rare genuine smiles when they reunite.
  • A small moment when Dib and Gaz first leave the Earth in Tak's ship to rescue their father. Their expressions of awe at seeing other planets and a group of space whales is actually very sweet.
    • Also, Gazís reaction when she sees the VR set.
  • The end is probably the closest the series has ever come (or ever will get) to having a happy ending. While Zim remains on Earth hatching many more "diabolical" schemes to take over the Earth, Dib is back to fighting shape, him and his family are relaxing after saving the planet from both the Irken fleet and the Florpus, Clembrane is now a member of the family, and the Irken fleet is trapped (presumably) forever in the Florpus. Likely meaning that every planet that they invaded are now free.
  • Unlike nearly every episode in the show, Dib isn't screwed over at the end, the worst he gets being Prof. Membrane refusing to believe in aliens after the whole thing. In fact, he gets to live peacefully knowing his father loves him and is proud of him. Instead, Zim is immediately crushed by the pug that GIR sent out to space in the final few seconds of the movie.
  • What starts as a Tear Jerker moment in the garage ends as one of these. When Dib says he wishes his dad "had his back for once", Membrane's only response is, "Wishing isn't scientific, son". Flash forward to the robot battle, and one of the first things Membrane tells Dib?
    Membrane: Don't worry, son! I've got your back!
  • During the Final Battle, it's shown that Zim being a Benevolent Boss to robotic minions isn't limited to GIR. We see him call out to each robot by name, and he's distraught when they're all destroyed (especially Lawrence).
    • Even where it extends to GIR. Zim apparently goes to a certain taco place so much that Dib, with his constant surveillance, thinks it's Zim's favorite. Zim admits that he thinks the place is dirty, but visits so much because GIR likes it.
    • When Dib asks GIR where Zim is after finding his lair in disarray, GIR tearfully tells him that he doesnít know, and that heís worried about his master. Though he seemingly forgets two seconds later, itís obvious GIR really does care about Zim.
  • Dib offering Zim the warmest, sincerest praise he's ever received that didn't come from himself.
    Dib: I can't believe I'm saying it, but this is your greatest work ever!
    Zim: (Brief, telling pause) Yeeeagh...
    • He's also genuinely concerned when he sees how crushed Zim is over the Tallest sending him on a pointless joke invasion. Though Zim does a hell of a 180 when he realized what the Membracelets can do.
  • The "Peace is Nice" song. Though it's 100% a trap, GIR is cute as he sings it and the children of the world are so sweet they sing it and even sharks join in.
  • A minor example, but the look on Dib's face when Zim surrenders is pretty adorable.
  • A very minor Pet the Dog moment from The Tallest when they first reappear, and Purple randomly brings up Zim.
    Purple: Tiny? Yelled a lot?
    Red: The guy who sends us the donuts?
    Purple: No, that's Invader Jim! He's awesome!
  • The fact that Clembrane now seems to have a new home with the Membrane family, especially since he still believes that Dib and Gaz are his own children. Granted, it's implied to be mostly because the rest of the family doesn't know what else to do with him, but it's the sentiment!
    Dib: So, does he just live here now, or what?
    Gaz: *shrugs*
    Membrane: I'm still very confused.