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Nightmare Fuel / Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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This is what happens when Zim finally wins!
Yeah, Jhonen Vasquez may have lightened up a bit over the years, but it'll still do you some good to remember that this is still Invader Zim and Vasquez is still the guy who thought up Johnny C. No shit there'll be a bit of horror mixed in with all the wackiness:
  • The opening title of the movie jump scares the living pants of the viewers.
  • The fact Zim nearly won is already unsettling. For how laughably evil Zim is, this is the first time he's shown to be a threat: by literally putting the world in the path of the Irken Armada and to an extent creating the Florpus hole. Even Gaz admits that this is a step up from Zim's usual incompetence and that she was wrong for thinking he'd just mess up his plan on his own.
  • The Florpus hole in general: Think a black hole but with such a powerful force that it could annihilate a planet and numerous other versions of the planet from alternative realities. Some of the alternate versions of the cast screaming in agony as they are thrust into the Florpus hole are pretty nightmarish. Especially the version in the page image.
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  • The first encounter of chair Dib and Zim concludes with a particularly unsettling moment where as Zim's lawn gnomes close in on Dib, Zim, Gir, Minimoose, and the Robo-Parents fade away into the darkness of Zim's home with only red menacing eyes remaining fixed on Dib who's about to get beaten up. Most unnerving of all surprisingly, Gir's expression before fading away is very distant and "brain dead," looking.
  • While they very much deserved it, The Tallest being trapped in the Florpus forever is pretty horrifying.
  • Though the overall scene was pretty hilarious, Zim's computer "sneakily" drawing more power from the surrounding area has a moment where one of the tubes attaches to a passing adult. His body almost immediately shrivels up into a dry husk. He gets better.
  • According to Zim, GIR ate a baby at a taco place. This also happens in the Invader Zim comics.
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  • The way Gaz menacingly exits the rafters during Professor Membrane's keynote event is highly unsettling. Death Glare aside, she moves slowly into the shadows without moving her body even an inch all to music that sounds like it was ripped straight from a horror film.
  • If you weren't familiar with Zim, and how hilariously stupid and incompetent he actually is, the recap intro would terrify you. Thanks to the more realistic animation, Zim and his robotic minions seem less like a joke, and more like a legitimate threat to humanity's continued existence. Just the shot of Zim's face, grinning at Dib across the sky, is unnerving.
  • Compared to the other examples this might not seem like much, but there is a subtle unnervingness that Dib would be willing to use Zim's depression to his advantage in exposing the alien. A little reminder of how cold Dib can be in his pursuit of victory.
    • Ditto Zim: Dib revealed his frustration towards his father right after Zim took notice of the Membracelet, meaning he too used Dib's weak spot to further his agenda. The difference is that, at least at first, he succeeded.
  • Just how quickly Zim makes the connection between the Membracelets, the space-phasing horror blobs, Minimoose, and what the three of them could do in conjunction. Within a few seconds of finding out what Prof. Membrane's plan is for the bracelets, Zim comes up with a way to corrupt it for his own ends. Zim may be an incompetent, narcissistic idiot, but he's not stupid.
  • Zim nearly killed Dib. And he was pleased about it too. If it weren't for Prof. Membrane's good timing, Dib would've died by being crushed by Zim's robots.
  • Zim's nightmare about being put on trial can be very disturbing. Not only do we see Zim be forcibly re-encoded to nothing by the control brains, which looks to be a Fate Worse than Death, but his mindless body is immediately tossed into the hungry maw of an alien monster before Tallest Purple could finish his sentence. Knowing the Tallest, they would gladly jump on the opportunity to do something like this to Zim if they could.
  • It's worth noting that upon realizing that Earth - and therefore, Zim - are now in the path of the Irken armada, the Tallest's first impulse (after bemoaning the situation) isn't to alter their course, but prepare to blow up the Earth as soon as it's within range of the primary cannons. They're willing to obliterate a planet, and all life on it, just to kill one person.
    • Also worth noting is their suicidal ignorance. Despite the ship's main navigator repeatedly warning them about the danger of the Florpus, and how they can change course to avoid it, the Tallest flat-out refuse to listen, even going so far as to mock the poor guy. Whether out of arrogance (they might have thought the Massive could withstand the Florpus), dogma (maybe it's Irken tradition to plow a course through the galaxy, crushing anything in its path), or flat-out stupidity, the Tallest consigned themselves, the crew of the Massive, and the armada that was following it, to a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Zim out of nowhere pulling off a Voice of the Legion when he unveils Minimoose as the final piece to his master plan. It is easily the most Zim has ever sounded in the series' existence, perfectly highlighting just how far he had come from barely posing as a threat.
    • Speaking of Zim's voice, the first trailer for the movie featured Zim sending a radio transmission speaking in a pitch that made him sound a lot more menacing than usual, although this ends once Gir interrupts.


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