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Invader Zim will return as a series set after Enter the Florpus
The Tallest will eventually come out of the Florpus through a second exit or Zim will still continue his plans to conquer Earth albeit to set up his own galactic empire and Dib will be there to foil Zim's schemes.

...or Enter the Florpus is the series finale
Alternatively, despite that Word of God has assured that Enter the Florpus isn't the series finale, if plans for a revival doesn't work out the movie can be pretty considered the show's Grand Finale: the Membrane family reconciled and saved the Earth from destruction with Clembrane being accepted by them as one of their own, the Almigthy Tallest got what they deserved by getting sucked along with their armada into the Florpus to never be seen again, Zim
got crushed to death by the pup GIR ejected into space and both GIR and Minimoose are finally free from Zim's control and are now able to move on with their lives by their own.

Enter the Florpus is the prequel to "The Trial"
The Tallest escape the Florpus, but being sucked in there in the first place and being subjected to a Hellscape is the final, the very last straw for them, and will result in Zim being hauled in for the events of "The Trial".

In "Enter the Florpus", they attempt to kill Zim directly, but don't directly confront him about it, and are still mostly regarding him as a nuisance. The script for "The Trial" shows them at rock bottom, having abandoned any pretense of trying to snipe Zim and resolved to directly court-martial him for all his crimes against the Irken empire.

Professor Membrane only pretended to not believe Dib
This is to mess with Zim. As a man of science, Professor Membrane might dismiss vampires but may be open to the possibility of existence of aliens.
  • Perhaps he's not saying anything because both Dib is far better equipped to take on Zim and he's trying to get Dip to prove Aliens exist scientifically in a way that could be accepted by the public. Sure the ship is impressive but not outside the realm of Membrane tech for the most part.

  • Or whatever royally messed up Earth was alien in origin and while Membrane is aware aliens exist he can't openly acknowledge it or else humanity will backslide even further. He denys all of Dibs proof knowing he can handle it while trying to prepare humanity and bring them back to their glory. The sudden head injury just gave him a chance to tell Dib how he really feels.

The Florpus is a witch's barrier
That explained the uncanny artstyle shift when one enters the florpus. The witch was born when the Membracelet-wearing children linked their hands together. The witch which was never seen onscreen is the amalmagation of despair similar to Walpurgisnacht.

The plan of Professor Membrane is to destroy this despair to ensure "world peace" and the florpus would still appear without Zim's modifications albeit in a lesser powerful state. Membrane aware of entropy would anticipate that the children's despair will materialize in some way and the robots were originally there to destroy despair and not serve as Zim's army.

A follow-up to this will reveal a new Tallest
Rather than going full Negative Continuity and just have Red with Purple return like EtF's ending never happened, a follow-up (be it another movie, a miniseries, or even a full series) will tell us that the empire fell into chaos until a new leader arose. To keep it interesting, it might be someone Zim fears or hates. Candidates are:
  • Sizz-Lorr: He's the tallest Irken we know outside of the Tallest, and was powerful enough to both run his own planet devoted to junk food. There wasn't any signs he hated his job or that it's some punishment, so he can be accepted to be rather high-up in Irken society. He's therefore an obvious candidate to rule.
    • This could potentially lead to an Enemy Mine between Zim and Dib.
  • Tak: She hates Zim and almost succeeded in her Evil Plan to take over the Earth and destroy his life. She was also supposed to make more appearances in the original show, so maybe this can be a way for her to return?

Phase Two was to kill Dib while he was in no shape to flee or fight back.

Skoodge will come back, and make a new Irken empire, with himself as "The Almighty Widest."
The last we saw him, he was stuck on Hobo 13. This troper highly doubts he was in any of the ships that are now stuck in the Florpus.

The Florpus is actually a Warpstorm.

In particular, a hole opened from the wrong universe. Given how wierd things get inside the Florpus, and the incredibly chaotic (and Chaotic) nature of the Warp (and its ability to mess with perceptions and sanity) means that what happened wasn't multiple Earths colliding, but instead the Earth of the universe temporarily being sucked into the Warp before being yanked back out by Minimoose.

How is nobody effected? They weren't in long enough for any demons to notice anyone smart enough to be worth messing with, since Dib, Membrane and Gaz are three people on a planet of potentially billions and they weren't in particularly long in the grand scheme of things.

In the mean time? The bulk of the Irken military is stuck swirling around the chaotic streams of the Warp, possibly one day to be spat out into a galaxy where they would be among empires who would crush them without a second thought, a grim, dark future where there is only war.

The Invader Zim series and "Enter The Florpus" are two different dimensions

There are only a few differences, but they make the TV series and movie feel like two entirely different places. The most obvious difference is that Dib’s family isn’t as mean and/or neglectful. Other peculiarities are things like the sky being blue instead of red, the layout of certain locations (like the Massive) being different, Membrane’s robot arms, the Tallest actually having thumbs, and Zim not being afraid of water. Also, this Zim was smart enough to actually execute a plan. Each one is a tiny difference, but together they paint the picture of the movie being from a different reality than the show.

  • Similarly, the comic series and Enter the Florpus are separate dimensions as well, with the divergence point being Comic!Zim actually remembering Phase 2 (using the Gargantis Array to humiliate Dib) whereas Florpus!Zim doesn't.

The Florpus's reality breaking plus Earth's teleportation within the Florpus undid the damage to the planets that got dragged in with it.

Honestly, I don't think this is true, but I want to imagine that all the damage caused by Zim ended up undone, so only he, Dib, and Gaz truly know what happen. And since the Tallest went in after Earth was pulled away...

Tak had a really nice butt, by Irken standards.
It's why her ship is so obsessed with butts.

The ultimate point of the movie is to attack fanon interpretations of Zim's character and future
The episode Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff was made to attack the idea that Gir was a kind robot without Zim's influence. The movie in turn attacks the following interpretations:

A. Zim as an antihero who fights for anything other than his own ego and pleasing his beloved Tallest.

B. Zim as an Amusing Alien who's not reaaallly a threat to humankind.

C. Zim ever turning against the Tallest (namely in scenarios where he truly and deeply learns their disdain for him or about his mission being a fake).

In the movie each gets shredded or subverted. How?

  • The movie shows that in the end, Zim is indeed a Villain Protagonist. There is no "good" in him that matters as far as Dib and the rest of humanity cares.
  • Zim masterminds a rather successful conquest of the Earth that with the Membrane Clan's failure would've certainly led to mankind's ruin even if the Tallest didn't decide to torch Earth.
  • Zim is despondent to learn he's not on the fleet's flightplan, but rather than rebelling against his leaders or having a Heel–Face Turn he masterminds the above plan. And while Zim in the end is responsible for the Irken Armada's perhaps final defeat, it was completely unintentional on his part. Indeed, Zim going from the ending is waiting for a call from the Tallest that may well never come.
There will be sequels for Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
One sequel will involve Dib and Tak teaming up against Zim.