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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In a Black Comedy way, Professor Membrane states that as a child he once believed that sharks were his friends. He then turns away from Gaz, ripping off one of his gloves revealing a robotic arm while ominously saying "I know better now..." before turning back to Gaz, resuming his talk with her in his normal voice.
  • Gaz's reaction to Dib's speech, with her expression going from "Oh boy, not this shit again" to actual concern at her brother's crazed rambling and weird Prof. Membrane impersonation. This is then followed by her horror at Dib leaving his room, desperately trying to convince him to take a bath.
    • Her protocol for interacting with Dib, which involves a "shoving stick" for food and a "Gazmat" suit.
  • The very first piece of dialogue between Dib and Zim is an absolutely perfect return to form after years off the air.
    (Dib rolls up to Zim's house, now looking decidedly gross on multiple levels)
    Dib: Zim!
    Zim: (posing dramatically on the lawn, one foot on GIR) YES!! IT IS I!!! AND- Hm? Oh wait, sorry. You'll have to move along, hideous goblin; I'm posing dramatically for when the Dib shows up.
    Dib: ...I am Dib.
    Zim: What? (takes a closer look; his expression gets more and more disgusted) Ugh. Ugh! Ugh! AUGH!!
    Dib: But-
    Zim: Gimme a sec here.
    Dib: W-We know each other.
    Zim: Ahem. (Striking an even weirder pose) IIIIII'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, DIIIIIIB!!!
    Dib: I can tell. You set up sprinklers and everything.
    (Zoom out shows that Zim did set up special effects to make their reunion even more dramatic. Zim responds with a beat of awkward silence and then quickly kicking away the sound effect machine, detaches the sprinkler and feeds the strobe light machine to GIR)
    • Just the sad look on Dib's face when he quietly says "I am Dib" is worth a chuckle. He just sounds so hurt.
    • Zim generally Chewing the Scenery in this scene, and it's at its finest.
      Dib: Did you... have to sit in the toilet?
      Zim: (pointing at Dib with both fingers and his foot) DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE WAYS OF MY PEOPLE DIIIIB!!
      • And then he pops back into a normal pose with a sound like a deflating balloon.
    • Another good moment from the first meeting between Dib and Zim.
      Dib: Where have you been, Zim?! I've been monitoring your house, the school, that taco place you love so much!
      Zim: No, no, no, GIR loves that place. I think it's dirty.
      GIR: I ate a baby there.
      Zim: He did.
  • Zim kicks off Phase Two of his plan with a bunch of minor acts of mischief, like shuffling peoples' mail and reading their newspapers without paying a subscription. And Dib still reacts to all of them as if they were heinous crimes.
    • Zim tells Minimoose to get in on the action too, which causes it to float over to a car with a pizza sticker on it, telekinetically remove it, and place it onto its own body. All the while, a kid tells Minimoose his mom loves the sticker, and when Minimoose starts to steal it, the kid just yells at him to stop, but in a way that sounds like he's just disciplining a misbehaving child.
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    • GIR gets in on it too, running over to a neighbor's yard, eating their pug, and launching it out of his head into space.
      GIR: [walks over with his head smoking] I launched that pug into space!
      Zim: I thought you liked that pig.
      GIR: ...Why'd I do that?
    • Zim challenges Dib to stop him, and the out-of-shape Dib can only respond with this line:
      Dib: Can't...fight back! Sat...too long! Chair...fused to butt! More...chair than man now!
  • After Dib confronts Zim, who's manipulated Dib into letting himself go by going into isolation, Zim reveals that he spent all of this time... sitting inside a toilet bowl doing nothing but laughing about how evil his plan was. For the entirety of his absence.
    • Zim's computer in general has gotten even more tired of his crap over the years:
    Zim: Access the Tallest's computers and retrieve their flight plan.
    Computer (in a british accent): Oooooh, yes, right away, sir!
    Zim: Are you doing an accent?
    Computer: I get bored.
    • That said, it turns out that the computer shares its master's lack of subtlety. When it says it needs more power to properly track the Tallest's flight path, Zim tells it to get some more, but be sneaky about it. In response, it shoots cables around the neighborhood, draining power from the whole city, all while shouting how sneaky it's being.
  • A line from the intro stands out:
    Dib: (rendered in the most dramatic, JoJo-esque art style possible) My name is Dib Membrane. (echoing) I'm twelve years old!
    • The intro's anime-esque style is a big source of this as well, but special points go to Minimoose's split second appearance as he appears as a realistically detailed moose... who is still tiny, floating and purple.
  • In Dib's attempts to get back into shape, one cut during his exercise montage involves him having gotten so muscular he's able to toss his handweights straight through a wall. The next cut has him looking completely normal. He then proceeds to dramatically suit up in his usual clothing and gear, and then farts the chair off his butt, again, straight through a wall.
    Dib: I was in bad shape, then I got too in-shape, and now I'm back to normal shape!
  • Meanwhile, Zim is attempting to figure out what the next step of his plan was aside from "general mischief". Eventually, he wonders just when the Irken Armada will get here, convinced they're not far away, only to discover Earth is not in the immediate vicinity of the Armada. He asks the computer to zoom out until it can find Earth's presence relative to the fleet... and takes all day to do so, with Computer announcing each zoom out.
    • Zim asks GIR if he remembers what Phase 2 was. His response is typical:
    GIR: You gonna order a million pizzas. Then I gotta roll around in them pizzas. And that's the story about how I turn into a giant pizza! (Happy Squeak)
    Zim: (Death Glare) This isn't the time for the giant pizza story, GIR. AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
    • When Zim realizes he doesn't remember Phase 2, he tells the computer to put the Tallest on hold while he tries to recall his plan. It doesn't, and they watch his antics with boredom in the background. When Zim realizes this, he freaks out and blows up the screen. The hole left in the wall exposes them to the neighbors.
      GIR: Yes they diiiiid!
    • Zim pulling up the sole video file on Phase 2.
    Computer: Would you like me to record any and all mention of Phase 2?
    Zim: No thank you! Zim forgets nothing!
    • Zim's Imagine Spot where he sees himself being stripped of his rank by the Tallest and Control Brains for failing to conquer Earth is mostly dramatic, but at the end, Purple is in the middle of giving Zim a speech of how Zim will now live a meaningless life, only to be suddenly interrupted when a giant worm monster comes out of nowhere and eats Zim.
    Purple: (completely casual) Oh, no, never mind.
    • You can also tell this is Zim's Imagine Spot since the Tallest speak highly of him (instead of with absolute contempt like they actually do).
  • Purple's epic Spit Take when the Tallest find out that Zim is alive. He spits a stream of soda into Red's face, pauses to have a doughnut, and then spits more soda into a nearby service drone's face, eventually shoving them off the platform with the soda stream.
    • Even better? Tallest Red was the one drinking the soda...Purple didn't drink anything. Which means the spit take literally came out of nowhere.
    • There's also Zim's inexplicably hilarious delivery of his introductory line:
    • Purple bluntly stating he preferred Zim being dead.
    • That jig Zim did, with GIR joining in in the background.
      Zim: Could a dead Zim do thiiiiiiiiis?
  • After Zim puts his Peace Day plan in motion, he has a brilliant Why Didn't I Think of That? moment:
    Zim: All this time spent trying to subjugate humanity, and all I had to do was charge them for it!
  • "I'm trying to be miserable in my cheesy cocoon of misery!"
    • Before this, Dib comes for a visit and GIR performs his duties as best as he can:
    GIR: AN INTRUDER! PREPARE TO- come on in!
    • Zim on the failure of Clembrane. Really, anything Zim says in his despondent drunken drawl.
    Zim: I just couldn't get it to make pudding the way you love so much. IT RUINED THE ILLUSION!
    Dib:...I don't love pudding.
  • Prof. Membrane's speech about Peace Day:
    Prof. Membrane: As you know, tomorrow is Peace Day, and nobody is as excited for the big celebration as I am!
    Random guy in the crowd: I am!
    (Membrane instantly dashes through the crowd in a single frame, launching dozens of spectators into the air, to the guy and threateningly stands over the man with a finger forced into his face)
  • The various comically over the top Death Glares Gaz gives Dib when he starts screwing up, culminating in the scene where - after he ignores her and gets Membrane kidnapped - the very last thing before the cut is him looking to his side to find her seething directly in his face.
    • Her understated reaction later is pretty funny too. Dib wakes up and follows what he thinks is his father's voice, only to find a clone having replaced him, plunging the house into chaos and making pudding. And in the midst of it all, Gaz is just sitting here. Cursing him with her eyes.
    • Dib immediately blacks out and wakes up back in his room, thinking it's all a dream. It gives the implication that Gaz was so pissed off she somehow broke out of her own restraints and punched dib hard enough to cause him to black out.
  • Clembrane is a hilariously bad imitation of Membrane, and it's even funnier that the only thing Zim saw as off was that he couldn't make pudding right (which Dib doesn't even like). He can barely string a coherent statement together, and mostly just babbles about science and pudding while literally walking through walls.
    Clembrane: Breakfast is da scienciest meal of da day!
    • Gaz, as always, shows herself as capable of being resigned to anything by just going along with whatever Clembrane says, no matter how ridiculous. Dib, meanwhile, keeps making Clembrane freak out because he can't stop with the heroic declarations. At one point, Clembrane ends up crying in the ceiling.
  • After Zim takes over Membrane Labs and starts selling his modified Membracelets to all the children on Earth, he moves his headquarters right on the lawn of the Membrane house, leading to this hilarious conversation between Dib and Zim, in which Dib shouts to Zim from atop the tall building while Zim can barely hear him.
    Dib: ZIM!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!
    Dib: I LIVE HERE!
    Zim: WHAAAAAT?!
    Dib: YOU WON'T GET A—
    Zim: WHAAAAAT?!
    Zim: WHAAAAAT?!
    Zim: WHAAAAAT?!
    Dib: YOU—
    • And then the scene cuts to Gaz looking at the TV, and Dib's head is somehow bloated like a beach ball.
  • The news ticker during Zim's broadcast chimes in with some hilarious asides, as well.
    Professor Zim: "Not an alien, guys. Seriously. Psssh!"
    Children sing. People rejoice. Fatalities minimal.
  • The obstacles to the children of the world joining hands include an active volcano, man-eating sharks and... a really ornery housecat that keeps trying to scratch everyone.
  • GIR's song about peace. Even better, it somehow actually works to inspire people.
    "Peace is nice! Peace is nice! Peace is better than CHICKEN AND RICE!!!"
    • The children who couldn't link hands due to the sharks, after hearing GIR's song, are seen holding hands with the sharks for some singing and swaying. A second after, it cuts to the housecat being arrested and driven away in handcuffs by the police.
  • Gaz reminds Dib that Zim's evil plan is probably going to fail disastrously because, well, it's Zim. Her reaction to the teleporting Earth is almost comically understated:
    Gaz: Well, look at me being wrong.
  • Zim reveals he sent Professor Membrane to the planet Moo-Ping 10, which is a giant space prison, and mocks Dib and Gaz for being unable to rescue him. The animation of Zim's gloating makes it even funnier.
    Zim (with puppy dog eyes): Why don't you hop in your space ship and go rescue him- OH WAIT YOU DON'T HAAAAVE A SPACE SHIP!!!!
  • Tak's ship is oddly obsessed with the butts of the people riding it.
    • Dib and Gaz listening to the ship radio and getting super into an alien pop song. Dib rocks out so hard he goes cross eyed, while Gaz looks like she's just nodding along but then gets just as pissed when Tak cuts them off.
    Dib, happily singing: Dibbidy doo, shmibbidy doo, honk donk shmip shmoop, flibbidy nee!
    (The radio is cut off)
    Dib & Gaz: Hey!
    Tak's Ship: YOUR NOISES ARE BAD! Also, we're here.
  • Dib chases after Zim and Minimoose, so he can stop the Earth from being sucked into the Florpus:
    Dib: Stop! We're running out of time!
    Zim: You're ugly when you lie, Dib!
    Dib: I'm not lying!
    Zim: Then why are you ugly?
  • As the robots swarm on Dib, Zim breaks into mocking laughter before suddenly saying "Well he's dead."
    Zim: GIR, all this evil is doing a number on my throat! Fetch me a sooooooothing LOZEEEENGE!
  • GIR's attempt to "avenge [his] robot brothers! And Maria!" involves him going Serious Mode, pulling out a wooden sword and riding on the tiny donkey from earlier in the movie. The donkey takes three steps and then both are knocked down by the wind, at which point both of them are slowly blown away due to low gravity.
    Zim:(Calling out) You're terrible, GIR~!
  • Dib and Membrane fighting off Zim's robot army. On the one hand, Membrane's absolutely demolishing the army with ease like the badass he is. On the other...Dib spends most of the time either taking cover or wacking an already-taken-down mook.
  • Just about everything about Clembrane, Zim's failed clone of Membrane — his generally derpy attitude, his obsession with pudding, his tantrum when Dib claims he's not really Membrane, and the confusion he elicits in Membrane when they meet.
    Dib: ...You told me he wasn't my real father.
    • Gaz's contribution to getting Clembrane to hand over Minimoose is to praise the clone's pudding as being the best she's ever had in her life... using a fake British accent.
    • At the end of the film, Clembrane is shown to now be living with the Membranes.
    Dib: So does he just live here now?
    Membrane: I'm still very confused.
  • As Earth collides with the Florpus, it rapidly cycles through a series of alternate realities, some of which are very silly. These include one where everyone is drawn as crude stick figures, one where everyone is inexplicably a flaming skeleton, one where Dib and Gaz are Irkens, Zim and Clembrane are humans, and GIR is an ordinary dog, one where everyone is drawn in a super-cutesy style, one where everyone is a puppet, and one where everyone is a French bulldog in a costume.
  • Dib's Flat "What" when Prof. Membrane states that he still believes that most of the film's events were an odd hallucination.
  • Towards the end of the film, Minimoose arrives home in a car. No explanation given for how he was able to drive it. Zim initially accuses Minimoose of working with the enemy, but with a single cute squeak Zim instantly forgives him.
  • In the end as a last hit of Black Comedy;
  • When Gaz points out how huge Dib's head looks on TV, it actually appears to be five times larger than it normally is.


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