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Headscratchers / Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     A Second Florpus 
  • If Zim created the Florpus hole by teleporting Earth, shouldn't Professor Membrane have created another Florpus when he teleported Earth for second time?
    • The Earth was already inside the Florpus when it teleported back, so there was no space-time continuum to tear apart in the first place (as the Florpus is supposed to be a breach within it).
    • But what's stopping a Florpus from being created in the vicinity of Earth's Solar System? Teleporting the Earth made a Florpus near where it ended up, and teleporting the Earth back didn't remove nor worsen the Florpus. So by that logic, there should be a second Florpus Hole, one which is in our Solar System. The Solar System that didn't previously have a tear in the space-time continuum. So where is the new Florpus Hole?
    • It could have been that a second Florpus hole was created, but kind of like a black hole, having two different Florpus holes cancels them both out.
    • Clearly not the case since the original Florpus hole was still there for the Irken Armada to go through.
    • Note that the computer said "the stupid teleportation of a planet". Would it be all that ridiculous to presume in this universe that Florpus holes only come into existence when a planet is teleported for a stupid reason and/or by a stupid person? It was Membrane (one of the less stupid characters) who teleported the planet back, after all.

Watch the scene between Dib and Zim during Zim’s BSOD again. Dib NEVER tells Zim what the bracelets do. He expresses frustration at his father’s apparent apathy towards him and throws the bracelet down in front of Zim, but never explains what the bracelet is or how it works. We as the audience don’t even find out about “childergy” until the next scene. So, how did Zim figure it out and formulate his plan so quickly?

  • As Zim does have a history of being a scientist, it's highly likely that he did some reverse engineering to figure out how the bracelet worked and enhance it to fit his mission. The speed of how fast he managed to do this could be questionable, although it could depend on the advanceness of Irken technology and his own skill.