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  • The opening theme can feel like this.
  • Harvey hatching from his egg in "Icky Chicky". Irving's heart just melts at the sight of Baby Harvey, and the viewer's should too.
  • When Harvey refuses to come down from the tree in "The Spitting Tree", Fee and Foo come back for him in the middle of the rain.
    Harvey: You guys came back for me?
    Fee: You'd think we'd leave our favorite dork out here alone?
  • "Mr. Borks and Mrs. Borks" has quite a few of these.
    • Miriam's wedding vows to Irving. The reactions of everyone hearing it says it all.
    "When we started dating, everyone asked 'How'd Irving the nerd get so lucky?', but it runs out I was the lucky one because I get to be with my best friend all the time. I love how you can never pick a movie to rent, so we just talk all night. I love ordering pizza together because you burn dinner. And I love how you make up silly stories for our kids when they can't go to sleep. I love the life we have together, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world."
    • The story behind Irving and Miriam's proposal tree is just adorable.
    • Of course, the wedding. Even if Irving and Miriam are a little beat up from the chaos of last night, the scene is just as beautiful as it would be if everything had gone right.
  • The Odd Friendship between Randl (who's usually kind of a Jerkass to the kids) and Fee in "Repo Fee".
  • Dade and the twins teaming up to attack someone insulting Harvey (Even though it was just Harvey's puppet) in "The Split".
  • Claire and Fee's friendship and how it develops over annoying Princess to rescue Foo in "Buds Before Studs".
  • In "Life Debt", Rooter's dad's reaction to what he at first thinks is his son coming out.
    Rooter: Sorry, dad. I'm not coming home. I've given my life to Foo.
    Mr. Wellington: Ey? Oh, well that's a bit surprising, but just so you know, your mother and I support you, no matter who you choose to be with, okay? And of course, Foo is always welcome in our home.
    Rooter: No! Not like that! I mean, I'm in a life debt now.
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  • The entirety of "The Ballad of Jangles and Muesli". It's a retelling of how Miriam and Irving first met each other, how could it not be sweet?
  • "The Inspiration" and "Pooker" giving Technobear some pep talk during his identity crisis at the end of "Terrybear".
    The Inspiriation: We are rockin' at this parents thing, right now!
  • Randl realizing how much he loves his mother at the end of "Randl's Scandl". When his mom begins her usual rambling about his failures again, Randl just gently shoves it aside instead of shouting back at her like he usually does.
  • Technobear realizing the importance of being able to go trick-or-treating with his friends at the end of "Technoscare".
  • Princess and her dad finally having some father-daughter time together at the end of "Princess Harvey" .
  • In "Secret Gordon", Piri Piri realizes she has feelings for Harvey after seeing his "aura". It results in a major Ship Tease at the end when Harvey sees the exact same aura around Piri Piri. It's actually quite adorable.
    • Piri Piri and Harvey playing around in the garden. Especially Piri Piri joy for being with Harvey.
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    • Harvey telling Piri Piri that it's okay to want to spend time exclusively with somebody, even if he didn't really understand why Piri Piri felt that way.
  • Harvey's maternal grandparents are just adorable, especially Miley. You can really tell that they just adore their grandson.
  • Harvey letting all the kids win the race at the end of "Bark Kart".
  • In "The Unknown Comic", Kratz is afraid that his Born Unlucky Butt-Monkey status means if he reveals himself to be the creator of Johnny Tornado, his comics will stop being popular, so he does everything he can to remain anonymous. Unfortunately for him, Princess ruins his attempt when he beats her at the comic-making contest. However, to Princess' dismay, everyone is overjoyed and instead cheers on Kratz, who is very proud, needless to say.
  • The ending of "Kathy with a K", where Harvey, Kratz, and Piri Piri give Kathy what she really wanted the whole time — somebody to share her interests with. In song, no less!
  • In the fourth segment of "It's Christmas, You Dorks!", Jeremy takes a lot of mistreatment from the other denizens of Littlebark Grove when he tries to spread Christmas cheer while dressed as Santa Claus. He's on the verge of giving up at the end, glumly tossing a candy cane into the frozen Wetbark Lake. However, the Lake Spiritnote  gets the candy cane and is so overjoyed to receive a Christmas gift that she gives Jeremy a hug and a kiss. With his spirit rekindled, Jeremy sets about spreading Christmas cheer once more and has a much more successful time as he dances with children and gives them candy canes.

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