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Ira Fingerman in actually a giant being
In "The Finger", Foo tells everyone he found a butt-shaped rock, attracting the attention of everyone but Harvey. This rock is actually another body part of Ira's that isn't buried in soil. In a future episode, Ira could be emerge from the ground and his true form will be revealed.

Fee and Foo are the last of their kind
So far, they are the only two imps seen in the series. They even live alone and seem to have no parents.
  • Jossed; their parents are revealed to be alive in the series, and they live in Greater Impland Empire which suggests there are actually many other imps.

Dade's obsession with Harvey is because...
....He feels neglected at home by his parents in favor of his siblings. He watched Harvey for a while and became obsessed with his kind nature and personality. But then, Fee and Foo bonded with Harvey and Dade became bitter and jealous towards them because he feels lonely and wishes he could have a friend like Harvey to fill a void. If this is true, Dade could be seen as somewhat of a Jerkass Woobie with his desire to be loved coupled with his cynical attitude and hatred of the imps.
  • Partially jossed as he used to be best friends with Harvey until the imps came along.

Fee and Foo were far worse before meeting Harvey
As mischievous as they are now, at least they have positive aspects in their personalities. But at one point they were bullies who picked on the other forest creatures, which may explain why they are disliked (we can assume Dade was one of their most frequent targets). When they eventually met Harvey, he realized that the siblings only needed someone to like them, thus befriending between the two imps and changing them for the better.

The reason Fee was being prejudice to Bartleburt was because...
Tree spirits or other kinds of ghosts killed her and Foo's parents.
  • Jossed, their parents are alive.

There will be some sort of romantic connection with Harvey and Piri Piri
  • The episode "Secret Gordon" is pretty much this.

Harvey's sister will be a new character
C.H. Greenblatt announced on Tumblr that the second season will kick off with a bang (perhaps with a new character they've all been "expecting"). The egg has gotta hatch at some point.
  • Confirmed. She will hatch at the beginning of Season 2, as announced by Greenblatt.

Littlebark Grove is a community for families who have children with psychological and developmental disabilities and personality disorders.
  • Just look at the main child cast:
    • Harvey has OCD and general anxiety disorder. He may be a nice kid but he's very anxious and even unstable at times.
    • Fee and Foo have no family to speak of but blend right in with their ADHD.
    • Dade and Mikey have Asperger's Syndrome, just different forms of it. Dade has obsessive traits and awkward social skills as well as anxiety problems which are common with many Aspies. Dade's also done self-injury (slapping himself) when frustrated and has trouble coping with his emotions. Mikey also has the same condition but is much more stoic and apathetic, preferring his video games to the company of others.
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    • Kratz has early clinical depression or possible bipolar disorder and is on a med that puts him on the "low" end of the bipolar mood scale.
    • Rooter is paranoid schizophrenic and it clearly runs in his family.
    • Piri Piri has.......something. Not sure what it is, exactly but she has it.
    • Claire's family moved to the community as a way of psychologically messing with her when her grades slipped. Otherwise, she's fairly normal.
    • Technobear is one of the more normal residents but his adoption is an identity crisis waiting to happen, as shown in the episode "Terrybear".
    • Princess has serious anger management problems and is spoiled. May have intermittent explosive disorder.
    • Kathy (The Totoro-esq animal) is mentally retarded and possibly autistic as well. She may have had a lack of screentime but she still gave off a very "derpy" vibe.
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    • Dade's brother Wade is a budding sociopath. He knows full well that Dade is on the autism spectrum and uses his disorder against him, manipulating him.

Michelle will be the polar opposite of Harvey
While Harvey is generally the Nice Guy, his little sister Michelle will wound up being the Enfant Terrible and might mess with Harvey but still show love for him (not unlike Wade and Dade).

Piri Piri is an immigrant from Marzipan City
Both shows are by the same creator, and Piri piri is a type of chili pepper.
  • Chowder makes a couple of cameos in "Fee & Foo's First Birthday". So it's possible these two shows share a universe.

Michelle will be the Big Bad of the series' finale somehow
And she may even be a Knight of Cerebus.

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