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This is a recap page for Harvey Beaks, a short-lived but well-received Nicktoon created by C.H. Greenblatt (who also made Cartoon Network's Chowder). It centers around a sweet-natured bird named Harvey Beaks, the mischievous Wild Children Fee and Foo, and their many adventures in the magical forest of Littlebark Grove they call home.

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    Season 1 (March 2015 - June 2016) 
  1. "Pe-Choo!" / "The Spitting Tree": Harvey wants to get in trouble with the Spirit of Wetbark Lake so that he can be launched out of the lake like Fee and Foo. / Harvey, his friends (Dade the rabbit, Kratz the skunk, Claire the fox, Princess the owl, Rooter the boar, Piri Piri the bird, and Technobear the cub), and Fee and Foo climb the tallest tree in Littlebark Grove, but are unable to get down.
  2. "The Finger" / "The Negatives of Being Positively Charged": Harvey and his friends find a mysterious giant stone finger in the forest and try to find out what its attached to. / Fee and Foo becomes positively charged by lodestones, preventing them from make any physical contact, which is fun until they realize they can never be close to each other again.
  3. "The Rentl Bike" / "Anti-Valentine's Day": Foo wants Harvey to teach him to ride a bike, but Randl, the grouchy raccoon who owns Randl's Rentls, refuses to give them one. / Tired of being excluded from Valentine's day activities, Fee creates her own holiday called Anti-Valentine's day, in which kids give insulting cards to each other.
  4. "Nightclub Night" / "The Rebel": Harvey and his friends go to a nightclub where Harvey wants the DJ to play the special record he made just to show off his moves. / Harvey begins to believe he is a rebel after find some of old clothes belonging his mother, Miriam.
  5. "Harvey's First Scar" / "The Nature of Nature": Harvey wants to get a scar so he can become cool like Fee and Foo who have loads of them. / Harvey meets a strange creature named Halbreth, whose job is to cause chaos with a strange camera, so Harvey decides to restore order by taking it and putting it reverse.
  6. "A Tail of Les Squirrels" / "Someone's Stealing My Stuff" : Fee finds a detached tail and keeps it for herself. However, it belongs to a member of a gang of French squirrels, and Les Squirrels are determined to get it back. / Somebody is stealing Harvey and his friends' stuff, and everyone's fingers are pointed at Fee and Foo.
  7. "Comet Night?" / "Comet Night!": Harvey's father, Irving, brings him and the boys out on a night hike to see a comet that only appears every 25 years, but things go south when Irving is knocked out by accident. / While the guys have their adventure, Miriam and the girls have a wild night of troublemaking around Littlebark Grove.
  8. "The Ghost Problem" / "Princess is Better Than You": Fee's prejudices against Bartleburt, the tree spirit who works at the library, get her transformed into a tree spirit. / Tired of seeing Princess win at everything, Harvey, Fee, and Foo help Claire get a trophy that Princess had unfairly taken from her.
  9. "The Almighty Foo" / "Old-Fashioned Dade": Foo helps a colony of bugs find a new home after he accidentally destroys it, but leaving them at Harvey's place causes a great deal of trouble. / Dade brings Harvey to the 70s-themed Old-Fashioned Days Festival, but is frustrated by Harvey bringing Fee and Foo along as well.
  10. "The Sleepover's Over" / "Certified Babysitter": Harvey is invited to a sleepover by Fee and Foo and tries to get through a whole night with his friends for the first time. / Harvey is determined to prove he can babysit his egg sister all by himself when he earns his babysitting badge.
  11. "Fee's Haircut" / "Harvey's Favorite Book": Fee gets her first haircut and becomes obsessed with her appearance when her head falls at risk of being totally shaved. / Harvey feels jealous when every kid in Littlebark Grove gets into his favourite book series, Detective Dirk, especially when the author Jackie Slitherstein (voice of Ru Paul) comes over.
  12. "Dad Band" / "Foo's Panic Room": Irving and his friends (steampunk enthusiast Moff, Princess' father Doctor Roberts, and Jeremy the toadstool) become a birthday band with Harvey's help. / Foo locks himself inside a box with his favourite berries when he becomes paranoid that his friends want to steal them.
  13. "A Day of No To-Do" / "Recipe for Disaster": Harvey gets a day planner and quickly goes overboard with using it, so Fee decides to show him that planning isn't necessary to have fun. / Nothing seems to go right for Harvey when he, Fee, and Foo try to cook a fancy meal for Irving and Miriam.
  14. "Randl's Scandl" / "King of Pranks": Randl permanently rents away his senile mother to Fee and Foo, so the twins try to get Randl to see the error of his ways. / Fee and Foo help Harvey become the King of Pranks, but the big joke they've set up ends up going way too far.
  15. "Night Maid" / "Icky Chicky": Disgusted at the amount of litter in Littlebark Grove, Harvey dresses up as the superhero Night Maid to clean up the forest, which the denizens take advantage of to get Harvey to clean their messes. / Harvey gives away his baby toy Chicky to Foo, but finds himself unable to let go due to his fears about what Foo will do to Chicky.
  16. "Buds Before Studs" / "Harvey Fights Kratz": Princess kidnaps Foo to be her boyfriend, so Fee and Claire (who has a big crush on Foo) team up to rescue him. / Technobear and Rooter trains Harvey and Kratz to fight each other when the two have a minor disagreement, but neither combatants are very enthusiastic about it.
  17. "Le Corn Maze... of DOOM!" / "Harvey Isn't Scary": A Halloween Episode. Harvey and his friends say that Les Squirrels' corn maze from last year was not scary, so Les Squirrels work to make this Halloween's the scariest ever. / Harvey and his friends tell a scary story, but Harvey just can't seem to come up with anything truly frightening.
  18. "Yampions" / "Barkball": Harvey and Irving play a game of 17th Century Provincial Haunted Yam Harvest against Miriam, Fee, and Foo, but Irving isn't taking the game seriously enough for Harvey. / Harvey and his friends play a game of barkball against the Little League coach Kent Dinkley Jr. who has rejected them all for not being worthy of the field.
  19. "Junior Squealers" / "The Storm": Harvey becomes a member of the Junior Deputies, but when he finds that Fee is behind a vandalism spree in Littlebark Grove, he has to figure out if it's better to be true to the rules or to your friends. / Worried about the storm outside, Harvey tries to get Fee and Foo to live in his house.
  20. "Steamgate" / "Yeti Ready": Harvey, Fee, and Foo try to give Moff a friend by having him believe he is making contact with someone from a steampunk world through his Steamgate. / Irving becomes paranoid about the possibility of a yeti attack and turns to Rooter's survivalist family to learn what it takes to protect his home from one.
  21. "Terrybear" / "Bark Kart": Technobear has an identity crisis when he learns that his real name is Terrybear, so he decides to reinvent himself. / Randl convinces the kids of Littlebark Grove to have a go-kart race, which Harvey is determined to win by driving slow and steady.
  22. "Wade is Cooler Than Dade" / "King of the Castle": Dade becomes insecure when he believes Harvey thinks his younger brother Wade is cooler, so he turns to Wade to learn about being cool. / The kids build a castle from trash with Fee as their ruler, but Princess keeps knocking it down.
  23. "Foofee" / "Why Are You Even Friends?": Foo refuses to talk to Fee after she teaches Harvey some of their secret language, Foofee. / Dade is filled with doubts about whether Harvey and him are really the best of friends, so he decides to find out if he has anything in common with Harvey.
  24. "Alone" / "Foo Shoes": Since none of his friends are available to play with him for the day, Harvey decides to substitute them with a bunch of gourds with their faces painted on them. / Foo's handmade mud shoes become a big hit in Littlebark Grove until Les Squirrels steal his idea for profit.
  25. "The Punishment" / "Arbor Day": Harvey is wracked with guilt when he breaks a very special plate by accident, and he tries to convince his parents to punish him. / Piri Piri tries to make a movie about the holiday Arbor Day with Bartleburt's help, but Bartleburt's insistence on historical accuracy conflicts with Piri Piri's artistic visions.
  26. "Double Digits" / "Fee & Foo's First Birthday": Harvey fears that he will stop being able to have fun when he turns ten, so he tries to delay his birthday and remain a kid forever. / Harvey learns that Fee and Foo have never had a birthday, so he decides to give them the best birthday party ever.

    Season 2 (June 2016 - December 2017) 
  1. "The New Bugaboo" / "The Case of the Missing Pancake": Harvey worries that his parents will stop loving him once his sister hatches, so he gives her egg away. / Harvey's grandparents (Miriam's parents Aiden and Miley, and Irving's dad Roland) come over to help with the new baby Michelle. Meanwhile, Harvey prepares her first pancake, which vanishes, prompting Harvey to play detective.
  2. "Kathy with a K" / "Harvey's Pet": Harvey helps Kathy, a shy girl who likes to share her love of leaves online, get more viewers for her videos with the help of two video celebrities. / To prove he is responsible enough for a pet, Harvey gets a plant, only to accidentally kill it.
  3. "Fee's Pyramid" / "Life Debt": Miriam wants Fee to be Michelle's honorary sister, so Fee turns to Piri Piri's mother Hanzi to learn what it means to be a big sister. / When Foo saves Rooter from being crushed by a boulder, Rooter must repay through permanent servitude.
  4. "The Feelings" / "Bag of Naughty": Harvey, Irving, and Roland go on a father-son camping retreat in which Irving hopes to get his stoic father to finally open up to him. / Harvey, Fee, and Foo find a bag full of magical fireworks that Jeremy warns them to destroy. However, the temptation to play with the bag's contents might be too great for the kids.
  5. "Steampunks (Part 1)": A two-part special. Harvey imagines himself as a gear-selling boy living in the floating steampunk metropolis of Steamburg, where Moff the mayor has exiled Harvey to the shantytown Rejectown for breaking the device that keeps Steamburg aloft and (secretly) for taking his friend Irving the inventor from him. To return, Harvey must find a power crystal to fix the city.
  6. "Steampunks (Part 2)": A two-part special. Harvey enlists the help of the airship captain Fee (with Foo as her robot sidekick). The three and Dade (a citizen of Rejectown) must go to the crystalline caverns, where the power crystal they need is guarded by Princess. However, Moff is determined to make sure that Harvey never returns to Steamburg to take Irving's friendship from him.
  7. "Mr. Borks and Mrs. Borks": A full half-hour episode. Irving discovers that he and Miriam are technically unmarried due to an error in their marriage certificate. As part of the preparation for their second wedding, Harvey and his friends try to give them the best bachelor and bachelorette parties ever.
  8. "Operation Peanut Butter" / "Little Littlebark": Harvey disguises himself as a hardened criminal to help Les Squirrels regain their confidence as criminals in a heist to steal peanut butter. / Harvey makes dolls of everyone in Littlebark Grove, and through a series of coincidences, believes he has created voodoo dolls.
  9. "Repo Fee" / "Stalemates": Randl takes Fee under his wing to help him repossess overdue rentals from the citizens of Littlebark Grove. / Fee and Foo enter an arm wrestling competition to see who's the stronger arm wrestler of the two, only to find the contest they've entered is way above their level.
  10. "Technoscare": A full half-hour Halloween Episode. Technobear decides he is too cool to go trick-or-treating anymore, earning him three visits from the Spirits of Halloween Past, Present, and Future to remind him of the true meaning of Halloween. Meanwhile, Harvey and the rest have a rough night without Technobear's charm to get them candy.
  11. "It's Christmas, You Dorks!": A full half-hour Christmas Episode. As Old Man Winter brings a winter wonderland to Littlebark Grove, Harvey and his friends have a snowball war with Moff, Randl, and Coach Dinkley Jr., Technobear buys shoes to impress Miriam, Les Squirrels fight over their only acorn, and Jeremy has a tough time playing Santa Claus in this dialogue-free Fantasia-styled episode.
  12. "Rockbark Rocks" / "Ocean Promotion": The first episode to air on Nicktoons instead of Nickelodeon. Harvey goes to his first Lunar Moths concert, but finds he can't handle the chaos. / The Spirit of Wetbark Lake gets promoted to an ocean spirit, but Harvey and his friends don't want him to leave.
  13. "Jeremy: Defender of the Forest" / "Princess Harvey": Harvey, Fee, and Foo discover that Jeremy was once the heroic protector of Littlebark Grove, so when an ancient evil from Jeremy's past returns, they have to convince him to take up his armor and weapons once more. / Princess and Harvey swap bodies, and Princess finds that she likes how Harvey's family listens to her.
  14. "The Split" / "The Dade": When Fee and Foo get into a feud with Dade, Harvey finds that alternating between hanging out with each is far too difficult to maintain forever. / Dade gets a special sandwich named after him at the diner. Unfortunately, the sense of uniqueness it provides is far too fleeting for him.
  15. "Secret Gordon" / "The Unknown Comic": When Harvey and Piri Piri discover a sentient garden, Piri Piri realizes she has feelings for Harvey and tries to make the garden her and Harvey's special place. / Kratz makes an anonymous comic that becomes a hit with the other kids, who try to find the author's identity. Kratz, however, is afraid his comics won't be popular anymore if he reveals himself.
  16. "The Blister" / "The Bad Seed": Fee and Foo are forced to volunteer at a retirement home, where Fee befriends a resident named Blister, who refuses to go outside anymore despite his wild youth. / Harvey and his friends watch a scary movie that Michelle isn't allowed to see. Michelle does not take this lightly, and her persistence terrorizes Harvey and his friends.
  17. "The Ballad of Muesli and Jangles" / "Floo-id": Irving tells Harvey, Fee, and Foo the tale of how he and Miriam first met in the form of a weird and creative bedtime story. / Foo's vow to never break anything again somehow gives him stretchy powers. However, Harvey and Fee are afraid that his new form is detrimental to his health.
  18. "Hug Life" / "On the Fence": Harvey wants to join Blister's gang, the Deviled Eggs. Blister feels Harvey doesn't have what it takes, but when he puts Harvey through the initiation tests, he gets a surprise. / Harvey wants to paint a fence that Dade wants to be yellow while Princess wants it pink. When he tries to find a democratic solution, things only get worse.
  19. "Princess Wants a Mom" / "Rage Against the Michelle": Princess makes Doctor Roberts go back on to the dating scene so that she can have a new mother in her life. / When Michelle ruins Harvey's stuff, he experiences rage for the first time. Now Harvey has to figure out how to cope with this new emotion.
  20. "Break the Lake" / "The Amazing Harvey": The new Spirit of Wetbark Lake is pressured by her mother to end her career and get married, so Harvey and his friends help her try to sway her mother. / Harvey buys a magic set and is told that he cannot reveal the tricks' secrets to anyone, which becomes a dilemma when Dade fears that Harvey is using real magic.
  21. "The Late Late Afternoon Show with Harvey Beaks" / "The Grunicorn": Harvey hosts a pretend talk show in his living room that starts to go off-script when he learns about Princess' upcoming party. / Harvey and his friends enter a competition to find the mythical, wish-granting Grunicorn, and Fee and Rooter are most determined to get their wishes.
  22. "Photo Finished" / "Squashbuckling": Miriam gets into a social media war with Doctor Roberts over whose kids are the most photogenically adorable in Littlebark Grove. / Randl wants to sell an old boat for cash, but Harvey and his friends have gotten the boat first and are pretending to be pirates with it.
  23. "Leaf It to Kathy" / "A Child's Guide to Surviving in the Wild": Kathy and Kratz have a feelings for each other that they are unable to confess. But when Kratz gets trapped in Deepbark Cave, only Kathy can rescue him. / Rooter dumps Harvey, Kratz, Dade, and Technobear in the wild to learn to survive in the wild with only a survival guide to help them.
  24. "Grand Motel" / "Missing Harvey": Harvey and his family go to a motel, where Harvey discovers they have a waterslide and becomes determined to slide down it. / While Harvey is at the motel, his friends try to figure out what do without Harvey around to lead and manage them in their activities.
  25. "Later, Dingus" / "Hair to Help": Blister passes away the day before he and Fee can perform their biggest act of hellraising yet. However, Fee believes that Blister is just faking his death as a prank. / Littlebark Grove's hairdresser Tara the spider is too stressed to enjoy her job anymore, so Harvey and Piri Piri bring her to a hairstylist convention to resurrect her passion.
  26. "The End and the Beginning": In the full half-hour series finale, Fee and Foo are finally reunited with their parents, a pair of very odd people from the empire of Impland. However, Fee is not very accepting of them after so many years of separation, and while Harvey reminisces about the first time he met Fee and Foo, he will soon find out that his friendship with the twins will be changed forever.


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