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Headscratchers / The Land Before Time

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  • A minor nitpick from 'The Great Vallay Adventure'; when talking about going to the sinking sand to play, Cera insults the others' cowardice by calling them "a bunch of eggs". Considering that they have the term baby and in fact use it later in the film, isn't that like insulting someone by calling them a zygote?
    • That makes sense, considering there are things even a baby can do that an egg can't.
    • Maybe for them, being called an "egg" is a far worse insult than being called a "baby"?
  • Something this troper noticed in the TV series: why can small mammals suddenly talk to the dinosaur characters? Anyone who remembers Tickles from the 4th movie can probably see my point.
  • Who's older, Littlefoot or Shorty?
  • Chomper returns to the Great Valley in the TV series. How did he and his parents get off the island after the land bridge was destroyed by the earthquake?
    • Maybe Elsie took them for a ride back to the mainland, like she did with Littlefoot and his friends at the end of 'The Mysterious Island'?

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