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Recap / The Land Before Time

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A recap for The Land Before Time TV series.

  1. "The Cave of Many Voices"
  2. "The Mysterious Tooth Crisis"
  3. "The Star Day Celebration"
  4. "The Canyon of Shiny Stones"
  5. "The Great Log-Running Game"
  6. "The Brave Longneck Scheme"
  7. "The Meadow of Jumping Waters"
  8. "The Days of Rising Waters"
  9. "Escape from the Mysterious Beyond"
  10. "The Hidden Canyon"
  11. "The Legend of the Story Speaker"
  12. "The Bright Circle Celebration"
  13. "The Lonely Journey"
  14. "The Missing Fast-Water Adventure"
  15. "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure"
  16. "The Lone Dinosaur Returns"
  17. "Stranger from the Mysterious Above"
  18. "The Forbidden Friendship"
  19. "The Amazing Threehorn Girl"
  20. "The Big Longneck Test"
  21. "The Hermit of Black Rock"
  22. "Return to Hanging Rock"
  23. "March of the Sand Creepers"
  24. "Search for the Sky Color Stones"
  25. "Through the Eyes of a Spiketail"
  26. "The Great Egg Adventure"

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