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Headscratchers / Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

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  • If Darling and Jim Dear aren't in the mood the celebrate on the Fourth of July since Scamp is missing, why did they come to the celebrations in the first place?
    • Perhaps they thought they might find Scamp there.
    • It's implied that Aunt Sarah talked them into it.
  • Angel mentions that she has had five families before becoming a junkyard dog, and that she had to leave one of them when they had a new baby. I know it's not specified exactly how long she spent with each family, but if you think about it, Angel is clearly around the same age as Scamp, which means she can't be any more than a year old. So did Angel leave the family who had the baby when the baby was born (which, if that is the case, the baby's mother must have already been pregnant when she moved in with them), or did she move out when they family found out they were having a new baby?

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