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Headscratchers / Matthew Santoro

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  • In Friday the 13th ft. Eugene, Eugene says that his mother is his favourite person in the world. How can he have a mother if he's a clone?
  • In Mail with Matt #3, a fan asks Matt via letter why he no longer uses his clones Big Shine, Lorrenzo, and Hugo as characters. He answers that Lorrenzo and Big Shine now reside in Florida. Where does Hugo reside?
  • Why is Big Shine called such? It seems like a weird name. The "Big" part might be because he's The Big Guy, but the "Shine" part remains unexplained.
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  • In Star Wars in 3-D!!!, Eugene requires a calculator to solve a simple math problem. Why would he need a calculator to solve a simple math problem if he's the smartest member of the group?

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