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* In ''Friday the 13th ft. Eugene'', Eugene says that his mother is his favourite person in the world. How can he have a mother if he's a clone?
* In ''Mail with Matt #3'', a fan asks Matt via letter why he no longer uses his clones [[TheBigGuy Big Shine]], [[TheCasanova Lorrenzo]], and [[TheDitz Hugo]] as characters. He answers that [[TheCasanova Lorrenzo]] and [[TheBigGuy Big Shine]] now reside in Florida. Where does Hugo reside?
* Why is Big Shine called such? It seems like a weird name. The "Big" part might be because he's TheBigGuy, but the "Shine" part remains unexplained.
* In ''Franchise/StarWars in 3-D!!!'', [[{{Nerd}} Eugene]] requires a calculator to solve a simple math problem. Why would he need a calculator to solve a simple math problem if he's the smartest member of the group?

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