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Matthew Santoro has made quite a few people laugh on the internet. You can probably guess why.

  • Eugene dancing to the music from "Sexy and I Know It" in "How to be Popular".
  • The various insults and impressions that Matt makes in his videos. They're quite numerous indeed, so much that Matt has his own page of them.
  • One really funny moment comes from "The 10 CRAZIEST Foods in the World!" when Matt mentions the frog shashimi. He wonders who would want a still beating heart... besides that witch doctor from Indiana Jones.
    Witch Doctor: CALIMA! CALIMA! CALIMA!
    Chef: Da Fuck?!
    • Matt's thoughts on the "tuna eyeball" in "The 10 CRAZIEST Foods in the World!". He finds it to be the most normal food on the list, but he wonders what kind of tuna has an eyeball that big.
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    • Deep-fried tarantulas are listed on number 4, much to Matts disgust. His reaction is to leave the building while repeatedly saying that the video is over, but the next scene has him begrudgingly coming back, saying "We're gonna have to get through this one quickly".
    • In "The 10 CRAZIEST Foods in the World!", Matt wonders how one could get bull testicles to eat. He grabs a pair of scissors, and says, "Sorry Betsy, but I've gots to eat dinner tonight! He he he..."
  • In "The Urban Dictionary Quiz", Matt quizzes Jimmy on definitions of slang terms from Urban Dictionary, and gives him the term "cock block". Jimmy, having grown up on a farm, guesses that it's the things that the farmer would stack up in front of the henhouse in order to prevent the roosters from getting in and making love to the chickens - hence, blocking the cock. Matt laughs, and explains that it's when one interferes with someone else's sexual intentions. Jimmy objects, and says that he got it right, as the farmer would be interfering with the chickens.
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  • In "5 Lies School Taught You", Matt discusses the misconception that doodling in class is a distraction, and points out that it can actually be beneficial. He then adds that all the dick pictures you drew in your notes might've actually been helpful, and proceeds to draw dick pictures in a comedic fashion.
  • In "The A.D.D Test", Matt goes to get his Tourette's medication, and when he finds that the store is closed, he curses in anger, "Motherfucking ballsack hairy asshole dick-licking tits!". He then gets back on the phone and starts talking casually to his Reverend about Jesus.
  • In "10 Abnormally Large Animals That ACTUALLY EXIST!", Matt's initial reaction to the Goliath birdeater is to panic and try to leave.
    • Later on, his answer to his own question concerning imagining 150,000 giant golden-crowned flying foxes together. "Na na na na na na na na no thanks!"
  • From October 20th to 22nd of 2015, Rob Dyke came to visit Matthew for a few days. While all three vlogs are a mix of this and heartwarming, there is a Funny Moment in the first vlog, if not only because of how sudden it was.
    Rob: You're gonna be drunk-vlogging so much.
    Matthew: They have to expect that, you're in town.
    Rob: (suddenly gets close to the camera in a nasal voice) You have to expect that!
    (A Beat as the two make funny faces)
    Matthew: ...Anothe-
    (Rob screams at the top of his lungs)
    • In another vlog, Rob puts a small plastic bag over his head and pretends to be Voldemort. The result is...interesting.
    Harry...How did it feel when Hagrid...stuck his penis in your asshole...?
    I can't really speak, my nose doesn't exist anymore, Harry... Do you know how big a fact is- Harry, do you know the psychological effects not having a nose has on a person? You think I'm evil just for the sake of being evil? No. No, there's something a bit more, Harry. I don't have a FUCKING nose, Harry. If you—okay. Get-rid-of-nose-us! There you go, now you can fucking deal with the shit I put up with, Harry!
    (proceeds to attempt taking the plastic bag off his head as Matt slowly loses it)

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