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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Matt's 100th Mega Collab Video, MrRepzion says, "Matt has an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars. He once adopted 20 dogs and dressed them all up as Ewoks! And then he called his house 'the forest moon of Endor'... Yeah, sometimes, I really do worry about him." Thinking about it, it makes perfect sense for MrRepzion to say that. MrRepzion has said numerous times that he's a huge fan of Star Wars, so it was really Hypocritical Humour! MrRepzion even has a poster of Boba Fett in the background of that clip in the video!
  • It seems odd that Matt has never made a video about Thanskgiving, since he's made videos about most of the other major holidays like Christmas and Easter. But of course he wouldn't - he's Canadian, so he doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.
    • Except Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada...
  • In The 10 CRAZIEST Religions in the World!, Matt dismisses the religion of Jediism, based on the Jedi of Star Wars, as crazy. Then, a lightsaber comes up, and he says that he's not a Jedi. But thinking about it, he was technically telling the truth - the lightsaber is red, and in Star Wars, only the Sith use red lightsabers, not the Jedi.
  • Why does Eugene immediately attack Big Shine with a lightsaber when he criticizes Apple, but merely threatens Matt with a lightsaber when he criticizes Apple? Because Matt feeds and clothes Eugene, so Eugene is worried that if he attacks Matt, he won't have food and clothing. But Eugene knows that he won't lose anything if he attacks Big Shine, so he's fine with doing so.
  • Matt's clones are named Hugo, Eugene, Lorrenzo... and Big Shine. Why is he called Big Shine? Well, the "Shine" part remains unexplained, but the "Big" part is because he's The Big Guy.
    • Perhaps it's because of his shiny bald head.
      • But all 5 characters, including Matt, have that same head, so it wouldn't really makes sense for him and him only to have "Shine" as part of his name if that were true.
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  • In Q&A With Matt #4, Matt is asked by a fan what he would change his name to if he could, and he says Princess Banana Hammock. He then says that he won't give an explanation for that. If you're a Friends fan, you'd know that this is a Shout-Out to the episode of Friends where Phoebe changes her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
  • Why does Matt let Eugene live with him? Because Eugene relies on Matt for food and clothing, so Matt knows that if he makes Eugene move out, he'll starve to death. As annoying as he finds Eugene, he doesn't want him to starve.

Fridge Horror

  • If you pause Anonymous at various points, you can see Matt wearing the Guy Fawkes mask. But why would Matt slip that in there if he didn't know that Anonymous would take over his video? Because, when they hacked it, they must have put the mask in there to foreshadow the ending.

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