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Headscratchers / Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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Several moments:


  • I understand that Naruto is busy as Hokage and time with his family is scarce but what went on during the years he became Hokage that enabled Konoha to become as big as it is now? There are now cities and blimps all over the place. Naruto is not the sharpest tool in the shed; is his leadership truly that amazing?
    • Considering the cityscape of Konoha appears in the background of chapter 700 where Naruto is only recently Hokage, the better question is actually how good of a Hokage was Kakashi to have the technology evolve so fast?
    • Given all that technology, in particular the fact that everyone uses computers now, why does Naruto need to deal with the same mountains of paperwork we always saw Tsunade swamped in? Why wouldn't that all be digital now?
      • Like in modern times, paperwork still exists. The better question is, how much paperwork would Tsunade have handled in her less technologically advanced days as the Hokage?
  • How is it that Konoha has access to email and Game Boy-like systems for its citizens and yet cars do not yet exist?
    • Possibly for the same reason standard firearms (the ones used in filler episodes do not count) will never appear in Naruto. There are just some technologies the series will and won't have access to. Besides, considering most shinobi are capable of running long distances without tiring, and the average citizen rarely seems to leave their village/country, automobiles seem a tad superfluous.
  • How did Mitsuki come to exist? Especially after The Reveal of Orochimaru being his parent? Is he a young clone? Did Orochimaru actually hook up with someone and couldn't be bothered to raise his son?
    • A prequel comic reveals that Mitsuki is some kind of cultured clone, and soon after his creation Orochimaru sent him to Konoha so he could find a better path in life than he did.
  • Orochimaru is seen as a brief cameo at the very end of the movie. Why? To watch over Mitsuki? Does he plan on attacking or scheming against Boruto and the rest? Did he truly change or will he go back to his old schemes again?
    • Probably to watch over Mitsuki. He's got no reason to attack Konoha or Boruto.
  • Why is it that Boruto does not have access to the Byakugan and yet Himawari does? Is it still dormant within him and he'll awaken it later in life?
    • More than likely the latter; Hyuga half-breeds seem to require emotional duress to awaken their Byakugan, similar to how an Uchiha awakens the Sharingan.
    • While filler and likely shouldn't be considered canon, the anime shows Boruto awakening his Byakugan before he started in the Ninja Academy, though only in one eye; he just has poor control over it and can't activate it at will, the thing comes and goes as if it had a mind on its own.
      • Given that Kishimoto oversees both the manga AND anime of Boruto, it may be canon after all.
  • How does Boruto intend to surpass his father when Naruto has Kurama inside him?
    • Boruto is young and likely doesn't realize how powerful his father truly is. He may know that Naruto has a demon fox (willingly, at this point) sealed inside of him, but the true power behind a tailed beast may be too large for Boruto to even process at this point in his life.
  • While the ninja tool introduced in this movie is considered an illegal item, is it really so bad to outright ban the product? Even Konohamaru is seen utilizing such a tool.
    • The novelization makes it clear that the device is only banned in the Chunin Exams. The ninja tool is not currently used as a standard in platoons and so there won't be an examination for its use.
    • Furthermore, technology can fail or backfire on you, which is exactly what happens when the Big Bad Duumvirate unleash their attack. And when this happens, shinobi will need to rely on their own power, without any tools, in order to survive.
    • The Koto is like a shinobi-world equivalent of a firearm. It's a shortcut to being powerful, which goes against Naruto's idea of what a shinobi is. As he said in the movie, the purpose of the Chunin Exams is to nurture shinobi, not to make a performance (or market such a device).
  • Why didn't Sasuke call Boruto out for using the Kote to make a bigger Rasengan? Could've saved the kid and Naruto (who is Sasuke's best friend at this point) the embarrassment of being caught cheating at an international event like the Chunin Exam.
    • Knowing Sasuke's own background with seeking power, it's possible he approves of Boruto's willingness to go around the rules to become stronger even if he knows Naruto disapproves of it, and hey, he managed to do it without joining forces with a crazy scientist terrorist who is likely a pedophile, so he is doing better than Sasuke at his age.
  • Why exactly would Kaguya Ootsutsuki have needed a White Zetsu army to deal with Momoshiki and Kinshiki? Momoshiki's ability to absorb ninjutsu wouldn't have been any defense against Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones, since those are a direct physical attack and not a mass of chakra.
    • The attack most likely requires chakra to cremate its target. Chances are that Kaguya wanted a White Zetsu army to serve as Cannon Fodder in the event that they absorb her attacks (especially the All-Killing Ash Bones) and attempt to use them against her. Also Kinshiki and Momoshiki are more battle-oriented than Kaguya was.
  • The Nara family jutsu is supposed to rely on the size of the user’s shadow for area of effect. So how the heck did Shikadai extend it in a solid circle like 20 feet?
    • Probably Shikadai just has greater chakra capacity and stamina than his father and thus was able to push his shadow further.
  • If Mitsuki is a "child" (whatever that entails) of Orochimaru, why exactly is he allowed to train with two of the most politically-important children of village? Why would they even let him train in the Leaf Village in the first place? Even if it's not necessarily public knowledge one would assume that as Hokage, Naruto would at least be privy to the knowledge of his origins.
    • In Naruto Gaiden we saw that Naruto and Sasuke are on rather strangely good terms with Orochimaru, so they probably just didn't see an issue with it.
    • We don't know if Naruto knows that Mitsuki is Orichimaru's offspring. As was said above, Orochimaru is in oddly good terms with Naruto, he could have just claimed Mitsuki is the child of Sound ninjas under his command that wanted their son to have a less bizarre life in Konoha, and given how much of an excessively good guy Naruto is, he would welcome the kid with open arms. Even if he knows about Mitsuki's origins, it still stands that as far as Naruto knows, Mitsuki is an innocent child that happens to be blood related to a terrorist, and he wouldn't allow any child to be treated differently due to their origins given his own background.
  • Since the main villain was shown absorbing chakra directly from Naruto, why doesn't Naruto just go into sage mode to turn his enemy to stone, the exact same way he defeated one of the paths of Pein/Pain? If he was in too much pain to do a full transformation he should still have enough presence of mind to gather enough nature chakra to make the villain back off for a bit (as it is doubtful the Hokage wouldn't have any training to resist torture).
    • He appeared to be trying to drain Kurama out of Naruto directly, not taking Naruto's own chakra. Also, the villain's clan seems well versed in natural energy (Kaguya outright merged with nature when fighting Naruto), so its likely he could handle natural energy just fine compared to Pain. Another possibility is that Naruto had only just regained consciousness when we see the scene open, and thus hadn't had opportunity to try a plan like that.


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