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Fridge / Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Aside from basic elemental techniques, Katasuke's invention also allows the user to use the Rasengan and Shadow Clone Technique, Naruto's signature techniques. Since he's planning to market it, it makes sense for him to incorporate the Seventh Hokage's techniques to boost its popularity.
  • Naruto's tendencies at his new job, enough that unconsciously, he doesn't have a lot of time for his own family. Consider that he's been trying to become Hokage for at least a decade-and-a-half, filled with such all-consuming dedication to fulfilling that dream every day that when he finally has the job, psychologically he's equated keeping it as equally important to getting there. In a way, it also rivals Sasuke's previous obsession...but at the start, nobody's been able to effectively tell Naruto that he needs to pull back, now that he's gotten what he wanted for so long.
    • Furthermore, look at the way he handles situations: he throws himself at/into it. In battle (via charging head-on most often); training (to the point of exhaustion, then gets back up and does it again); romantic love (after he realizes he's in love with Hinata in this movie's prequel, The Last: Naruto the Movie, it takes him only one day to wrap his head around it before he starts being incredibly obvious with his feelings, and after he knows for sure that Hinata still loves him, it didn't take long for him to ask her to Grow Old with Me), etc. Then there's his Shadow Clones helping out in the village, where he gains all their experience and knowledge, but also all of their effort/ wonder he's so tired.
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  • Kaguya creating the Zetsu army to fight her clan. The Zetsu's techniques rely on absorbing chakra, and don't even seem to have their own chakra. As such, they are ideal opponents against a being whose whole fighting style is focused on turning enemy chakra against them.


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