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Tear Jerker / Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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While the movie is certainly filled with awesome and funny moments, the Naruto franchise does not shy away from sad moments.

The look of disappointment has never been portrayed so poignantly.

  • Seeing Himawari's birthday ruined due to Naruto sending a shadow clone in his place instead of going himself. Boruto fighting with his mother over his father's supposed lack of care drives home how broken the relationship between father and son has become.
    • Likewise, Naruto immediately regrets what he's done to his wife and children; the novelization explains that before the clone disappeared, it witnessed all of their faces express shock and hurt.
      • It's doubly painful because Naruto's clone dispelled due to Naruto himself nearly collapsing from exhaustion. It's clear that the expanding ninja world is swiftly becoming too much for Naruto and Shikamaru to handle without help, but there's simply nobody else to do it, so Naruto keeps pushing himself to shoulder as much of the burden as he can. It's entirely in-character, but the Reality Ensues aspect is heartbreaking.
  • Boruto sneaking into Naruto's room and, still angry at his father over what he did to Himawari, throws his father's old genin suit out the window.
  • Boruto is hurt when he perceives Sasuke's reaction to his tiny Rasengan as indifference and disappointment in the young man's efforts. Even Sarada berates her father for doing so. What they both didn't know is that Sasuke was actually impressed and was about to let Boruto become his student had he not run off in a hurry. After Boruto comes back with the ninja tool and makes a "bigger" Rasengan, Sasuke chooses not to comment on what Boruto is doing but actually does voice disappointment.
  • Boruto's guilt over using the ninja tool to get through the Chunin Exams is hard to watch but even harder to watch is his fear over losing his father's respect if he thinks that he doesn't win and thus he continues to use the ninja tool. This all culminates in Boruto being caught, embarrassed in front of the entire stadium, and disqualified by his own father as a ninja.
    • Boruto screaming at Naruto that had he actually taken the time to get to know his own son and not work all the time, everything that was happening to him could've been avoided in the first place.
  • The look on Naruto's face right before he exposes Boruto's cheating. You can really see the disappointment in his eyes.
  • Boruto pleading for his father's safety after they're all attacked by the villains of the movie. His guilt over saying hurtful things to his mother about Naruto and accidentally contributing to the village's destruction was very overwhelming.
  • Boruto and Naruto apologizing for how they treated each other throughout the movie and finally reconcile with one another as they begin a new day.
  • Seeing the final credits roll and seeing everyone's favorite characters and their children is sure to bring a tear to your eye.


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