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Nightmare Fuel / Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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As awesome as the movie about the next generation can be, at times, the story still manages to freak you out.
The guy more dangerous than Kaguya Otsutsuki!


  • The movie opens up on a barren wasteland, carrying an eerie silence before it devolves into chaos between two super powered beings trying their best to kill each other: Sasuke vs Kinshiki.
  • Despite the comical nature of the bear-panda rampaging around the area, it's still an aggressive vicious animal. If not for the fact that people in this universe can somehow generate fire or manipulate movements through shadows, etc., then the situation would be a whole lot more grim.
  • Naruto may not have meant it to happen but he very nearly destroyed his relationship with his son through his busy work schedule.
  • The fact that a grown adult like Katasuke would go as far as to manipulate a child to get what he wants out of others.
  • It can't be easy being a parent and knowing that your child is is mortal danger, as Naruto and Hinata find out whenever Boruto is in danger. The same is true in vice-versa.
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  • The amount of casualties would've been a lot higher if not for the shinobi sitting within the audience protecting the normal citizens from falling rubble as a result of the main antagonists attacking.
  • Momoshiki and Kinshiki are walking, talking nightmares:
    • One is a hulking, fast brute that has extremely large hands that almost reaches the ends of his feet. The other is a smaller, but much more dangerous, humanoid with rabbit like horns growing out of his head and Rinnegan eyes on the palms of his hands.
    • The first thing they do after arriving on Earth is capture Killer B and Gyuki off-screen and demonstrate why they're so dangerous to the audience:any ninjutsu used against Momoshiki, even something as powerful as a Tailed Beast Bomb, will just be absorbed and fired back at you, but stronger.
    • They then interrupt the proceedings of the Chunnin Exams and destroy everything around them in their effort to capture Naruto. Momoshiki displays his cruelty in full force as he rains down a multitude of high level jutsu on the good guys and innocents, laughing at the top of his lungs.
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    • During the final battle in their home dimension, the Five Kage manage to trap Kinshiki as they go after Momoshiki with nothing but Taijutsu. Seeing his master in trouble, Kinshiki actually rips himself free of the makeshift prison, tearing the skin and muscles from his left arm in the process and bleeding profusely.
    • Momoshiki absorbing Kinshiki by turning him into a Chakra Fruit and eating him. The scream of pain Kinshiki gives before he dies is horrifying, freaking out all those present. Momoshiki then transforms into a red demonic version of himself, growing an extra eye on his forehead in the process, along with his horns elongating. His outside appearance finally matches what he truly is on the inside.
    • Boruto and Sasuke working together to cripple Momoshiki by stabbing out one of his Rinnegan eyes, taking away his power to absorb.As Boruto deals the final killing blow on Momoshiki, we see the villain in the process of disintegrating before being launched into space.
  • Treated as a funny moment, but has some Squick value too: Mitsuki revealing that Orochimaru is his parent.
  • The scene where Himawari finally locates her brother right after he ran away seeing his father knocked out cold.