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Funny / X-Men: The Last Stand

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  • Mystique disguises herself as the President in an attempt to escape her prison cell, but the guard is well aware of her powers:
    Mystique: Do you know who I am? I'm the President of the United States!
    Guard: Oh, Mr. President — shut up!/ [extended version] Oh, Mr. President — shut the fuck up!
    (other guard cracks up the background)
  • During the final battle Wolverine winds up battling a mutant capable of regrowing his limbs seconds after Wolverine chops them off, every time, without fail. Wolverine beats the mutant by kicking him in the nuts with all of his strength and, while walking away, tells him to try growing those back.
  • For some, watching Wolverine never learn what happens when he (a man with a metallic skeleton) tries to attack Magneto (a man with total control over magnetism). Epic Fail doesn't even begin to describe it, even if it's part of the plan.
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  • Watching Quill, a guy whose power is having spines that at their longest are maybe 2 inches long pop out of his skin and only onscreen kill is by popping his quills while hugging a female scientist worried about her boss, try to act like he's a badass with the powers of a God is hilarious. Particularly when he tries it with Magneto, who is at best mildly annoyed by him.
  • As tragic as Jean murdering Xavier is, during this horrific scene Magneto gets telekinetically hurled across the room. We cut from Xavier facing his impending death calmly as the Master of Magnetism flounders around on the kitchen floor with a broken sink spraying water all over him.
  • The X-Men suit up for war, but Hank seems to have put on a few pounds over the years.
    Beast: I can't believe this used to fit me.
    • Becomes funnier when younger Hank appears where Hank indeed had fit physique in his younger days. Wolverine even called Hank as "scrawny kid" in Days of Future Past once.
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  • The smirk and wink Magneto gives the people in the car as he lifts the Golden Gate Bridge. Smug Super, baby.
  • The driver of the car hitting the button to lock the car doors when Magneto walks by, as if that could stop him.
  • The chase scene between Kitty Pryde and Juggernaut has a few of these. First there's this exchange:
    Kitty runs towards Juggernaut and traps him in the floor, then keeps going.
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch! (Breaks out of the floor)
    • And then when they finally confront each other:
      Juggernaut: I'm the wrong guy to play hide and seek with.
      Kitty: Who's hiding? Dickhead.
    • He charges after her, she runs through a wall, he gets close enough behind to get his unstoppable strength nullified by Jimmy's powers, and knocks himself unconscious plowing head-first into the wall at a full charge.
    • Juggernaut is just loaded with funny moments.
      Juggernaut:[while Magneto looks over his file in the prison transport] You gonna let me outta here? I need to pee!
      [After being freed]
      Pyro: Nice helmet.
      Juggernaut: Keeps my face pretty!
  • During the battle scene at the start, Wolvie lights a cigar on flaming debris. Mind you, this is a Danger Room Cold Open, that fire isn’t even real!
  • In a Deleted Scene, Beast uses his Shakespearean chops to attempt to give a Rousing Speech with gusto, reciting a passage from the "Saint Crispin's Day" speech from Henry V. However, the reference is completely lost on the other X-Men, who give him weirded-out looks as he chews the scenery.