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Nightmare Fuel / X-Men: The Last Stand

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"Get out of my head."

  • The Scene where Mystique in her holding cell changes into a little girl to try to gain sympathy from the guards. One of the guards not buying it threatens to mace her uttering a response, which is normal since it's Mystique. What seals it is after Magneto breaks her out, she makes good on her word.
    Mystique: (In little girl form) When I get out of here, I'm gonna kill you myself.
  • The Phoenix's Villainous Breakdown in Jean's childhood home, in the mansion's medical room, and during the climax. Especially since the first and last times show her graphically disintegrating people without even thinking about it.
    • Jean Grey's overall Sanity Slippage. When you think about it, it's not only that she's possessed by the Phoenix, it's also that she's back from the dead with absolutely no opportunity to process it. She's a prisoner in her own mind, the entire film.
  • Professor Xavier's tragic death. Just the way his skin is ripped off by the Phoenix's telekinetic power and how, in the end, his whole body explodes.
    • The same happens to Wolverine as he struggles to walk up to the Phoenix during the movie's climax except you can actually see blood and flesh and without any explosion. He's in very visible pain as his Healing Factor rapidly tries to keep up.
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  • Cyclops's death. Murdered by his own wife even!
  • A young Angel is visibly in distress as he tries to cut off his own wings for the sake of his father ever finding out he is a mutant. Unfortunately, he does find out. Meanwhile, a young, mentally unstable Jean Grey, shows off her growing telekinetic powers to Xavier and Magneto by mentally lifting up everything all across the neighborhood, even making the water from Stan Lee's garden hose flow up.


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