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Tear Jerker / X-Men: The Last Stand

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With every war, there must be losses. And the X-Men lost too much in the end.

  • Scott has it bad in this movie, the first time we see him he's sitting alone in his room sporting a Beard of Sorrow.
    • When Logan of all people tries reaching out to him, Scott spitefully snaps at him in return.
    • Finally, when he joyfully reunites with Jean at the lake and she calms his powers down so he can take off his glasses, she murders him in cold blood.
  • The deaths of Xavier (although The Stinger reveals that he managed to transfer his mind to the man in a coma) and Jean.
    • When Wolverine and Storm rush in to find the Professor's now empty chair, Storm cries, Wolverine actually howls in grief, and they just collapse together in front of his chair, sobbing.
    • The funeral scene, and Storm's speech too, but the scene where he actually dies is just as hard.
  • Magneto abandoning Mystique after she takes the cure dart meant for him.
  • When Storm questions the ethics of using the cure, Beast sheds some light on his inability to blend in with other people
    Beast: Is it cowardice to want to be free from persecution? Not everyone can blend in so easily; you don't shed on the furniture.
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  • No love for Warren. Does a kid cutting off his own wings because he's afraid of what his dad would think of him not bring a tear in the room?
  • When Magneto meets with a group of mutants who're declaring their mutations with pride, partially by heavily tattooing themselves, one of them asks him why -if he's so proud of being a mutant- where's his ink? Magneto's response is to simply roll up his sleeve and expose the tattoo he was given in a Nazi concentration camp:
    Magneto: I have been marked once, my dear, and let me assure you: no needle will ever touch my skin again.
    • It just goes to show that- whilst the younger generation of mutants have understandable reasons for wanting to fight back - Magneto will always have them beat. He already lived through one extermination. That's why he will never back down.
  • When Logan finds Scott's glasses at the lake, he keeps them with him at all times until they're destroyed, possibly as a kind of Tragic Keepsake.
  • Just five simple words.
    • This is made all the more poignant with the full picture of Scott and Logan's dynamic. Scott never took to liking Logan, and for good reason, but Logan has come to genuinely care for Scott, and now it's far too late.
  • Wolverine confessing his love for Jean right before mercy killing her.
    Phoenix: (mocking) You would die for them?
    Wolverine: No. For you.