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Target: X

  • Laura's first day in School in the "Target X" miniseries. She gets sent to the principal's office twice with her guide, her cousin Megan.
    • First, she's asked if she speaks French, and when she's asked to give an example of her French language skill, she proceeds to go into detailed assassination protocols.
    Megan: What the hell did you say?!
    • Then, in Biology, after correcting a teacher on how many pints of blood are in a human (5.6, he said 7), she's asked to if she has anything else to add for that class. Cue practical instruction on use of poisons.
    • Finally, when visiting the principal's office for the second offense, the principal yells at the pair and asks them if they are even listening. Laura proceeds to repeat what the principal said to them. Exactly. Complete with vocal intonations and inflections.
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    • Watch Megan's reaction to Laura, at that scene. She's curling up in her chair, basically assuming the fetal position. This is the same girl who was introduced as something of a problem child with lack of respect for others. And she's getting freaked out.
    • And then she steals the principal's car.
    • Also hilarious is the Shout-Out of the two teachers' designs. Jamie teaches French, Adam biology.

Volume 3

  • Odds are that an ordinary babysitting job would be something that Laura could figure out. Her first one is not ordinary.
    • Sue explaining why they chose Laura, after buttering her up by saying that the kids like her and that they trust her, she flat out admits that no one else wanted the job.
    • Reed Richards mentions he'd say to have fun, but given the pair that might be dangerous. X's reply is either The Comically Serious or her being Deadpan Snarker, the grin on her face makes it hard to tell.
    There will be no fun. I promise.
    • After being agape at them donning nuclear masks X has to ask what they're up to.
    Laura: You want to use a nuclear bomb... to travel in time.
    Valeria Richards: It's only five hundred kilotons.
    • Laura looks like she has a headache at the answer.
    • Every time the dragon sees X, regardless of whether it is it's normal speech or not, it swears.
    • X-23. Opposite sex clone of freaking Wolverine. Biggest badass of Evolution bar none taking out, outfighting and outsmarting everyone she comes across. And after their little adventure she helps cleaning up by vacuuming to cover for the kids.
  • During a flashback in The Killing Dream Logan (unnecessarily) coaches Laura through sharpshooting. After she pulls the trigger it's revealed that he's with her at an amusement park and they were playing the shooting gallery. Laura has put a round straight through the forehead of one of the prizes, a teddy bear, to the distress and amazement of the carny. When Logan tells her that wasn't what he expected, Laura flatly reminds him he said to aim at what she wanted.
    • As they walk away (with the bear in hand!) she comments about how roller coasters are said to make people want to scream and throw up, and wants to try that.
    • The whole flashback doubles as a Heartwarming Moment as well, as Logan does his best to help Laura feel like a normal teenage girl.


Volume 4

  • In the final issue it's revealed that scientists have used Laura's genetic material to modify turkeys. It's as absurd as it sounds.


  • Issue #2 sees Gabby meeting the Stepford Cuckoos. When she learns they're clones, she holds out a fist and calmly states, "Clone power." One of the Cuckoos actually fistbumps her.