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Fridge Brilliance

  • It was the Uni-Power (with whom Laura previously bonded) that enabled Laura to defeat the demon tempting her in The Killing Dream arc of her ongoing series:
    • When Laura is engaged in the running battle with the demon, she is confronted by a starry apparition of herself, who shows her bits and pieces from her life at the Facility. Through the memories that are pulled up, the apparition proves 1) she was not born a soulless and emotionless killing machine but was forcibly made one, and 2) her creators still failed when her sparing of Henry Sutter proved she had a shred of humanity left. Stars are a major motif and source of power for the Enigma Force.
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    • The apparition then disintegrates until it's left as a single, star-like point of light she absorbs into herself. Once again, the motif of stars.
    • Laura then banishes Hellverine by touching him and showing him herself, blasting him with light from her hand. Afterwards, a symbol connected to the Uni-Power appears on the palm of the same hand.
    • During Chaos Theory, Laura sacrifices herself to the Whirldemon King to break his possession of Valeria Richards, and is drawn into the dimension in which he is imprisoned. The Whirldemon King recognizes the symbol on Laura's hand, because it was Prince Wayfinder and the Enigma Force that imprisoned him in the first place. Laura then bonds with the Uni-Power again, and uses it to repair the seal on the Whirldemons' prison and escape back to earth, after which the Enigma Force designates Laura as the future heir to its power.
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  • Laura's preferred "civilian" look is awful fanservicey for someone who has had such a negative experience with her sexuality, and whose response to being hit on generally falls in a line between brusque and violent. So why does she continue to fancy short skirts and fishnets, crop tops and corsets, and other fetish-wear? Laura never learned about fashion from the Facility, so she's had to pick up how she ought to dress from the people around her. She first picked up her goth style while raiding Megan's wardrobe, and Megan (who was also goth) was her first and for a long time only friend. Laura continues to dress this way either because her exposure to Megan's style has lead her to think this is how a girl her age ought to dress, or just because of the influence Megan had on her personally.
  • It seems strange that Laura would continue using her X-23 designation due to all the negative feelings associated with it. Especially considering she's also supposed to have the code-name of Talon. However only one character ever refers to her as Talon: Nimrod. Nimrod is a Sentinel from the future that was sent into the past by an alternate future version of Forge. The reason the Talon name hasn't been used by Laura in the any other books is because she actually hasn't started using it yet. Nimrod identifies her as Talon because he comes from a future after the point Laura adopted that name.
    • Alternately, remember that this version of Nimrod came from a different universe's future, and not the main Earth-616 universe. So while the X-23 of his reality may have adopted the Talon name, the Earth-616 X-23 never does.
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    • Another interpretation is that she would have eventually used the name had Logan never died and she never took up his cowl.
  • A lot of people have remarked that X's strategy of packing dirt in Logan's wounds during their fight in Target: X would not have worked, because packing them with dirt would have slowed his bleeding. However while that may be true, it overlooks the important part: He's still bleeding. The dirt may keep him from bleeding out, but it's also slowing or preventing his healing factor from closing him up again. It also cripples his muscles and prevents them from flexing properly, which will slow him down and limit his mobility. Laura is not relying on him bleeding to death, she's cutting him apart a piece at a time to create an opening to finish him off.
  • In the Liu series, Emma Frost speculates to Cyclops that Laura may never be broken of her conditioning to the trigger scent, despite the presence of several high-powered telepaths with the X-Men fully capable of rewiring her brain, particularly Emma herself, the Cuckoos, Xavier, and later the time-displaced Jean Grey. In fact the latter eventually does help her break her programming using her telepathy in All-New Wolverine #17. At first it seems strange that after so much time no one had apparently ever thought to use telepathy to reprogram her brain to free her from the scent's effects, however this is also the first time that Laura has actually been around a telepath while she was under its effects. In order to safely break her free, Jean needed to find out what's actually happening inside her brain while she's "triggered" to know what to fix. Once she was able to map it out by probing Laura's mind while she was exposed to the trigger, she was able to help Laura undo the conditioning.

Fridge Horror

  • In her POV episode of Avengers Arena Laura's private thoughts reveal that the moment she walks into a room, she immediately formulates a plan of attack to kill everyone else inside it because of her training and conditioning by the Facility, and that she can't shut it off. Her mind is constantly working out how to kill everyone around her. If that's not Fridge Horror enough, remember she was hired by Reed and Sue to babysit for them in one arc of her solo series. This means that the minute she showed up for the job, her brain created a plan for killing the Richards kids.
  • Like Wolverine, Laura's Healing Factor makes her virtually immune to disease because of the way it amps up her immune system. However a woman's immune system views sperm as a foreign body and attacks it, which is one of many obstacles towards her becoming pregnant. This means her own healing factor may actually prevent her from ever having children (if it doesn't turbocharge her fertility as it would seem to do for Logan).
    • Considering that Gabby has biological children in "Old Woman Laura" it's more likely the latter.

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