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Why Laura is working for a pimp.
The NYX storyline introduces X to the comics as a prostitute working for Pimp Daddy. Now for those familiar with Evolution this seems way off. Ditto the Innocence Lost and Target X storylines. What do these three things have in common? Abuse. Terrible abuse. Compared to Hydra and The Institute working the game is child's play. Without a target or a mission Laura sets her crusade on other women abused, which has been shown to cause her to lose it. Why not just kill him? She's an assassin, remember? She was most likely waiting for a chance to strike until Pimp Daddy forced her hand.
  • First, it's Zebra Daddy, not Pimp Daddy. Second, Evolution doesn't factor into the equation at all, as it's a different universe. Finally, Jossed by the books themselves: Laura says she sold her body to survive while she was on the streets, and justified it to herself with her belief that her life didn't matter. She wasn't shown actively protecting other women from this abuse until after being freed from Zebra Daddy's control, and in NYX itself she was a PTSD Extreme Doormat.

Laura's future with Logan's return.
OG Logan has been resurrected, and though Laura hasn't learned yet, his return will certainly impact her future. The big question is: Does she give him back the cowl, and will she find a new name?
  • Laura will offer Logan back the cowl, and he tells her she's earned it. Laura continues to go by Wolverine and Logan doesn't take a code name at all.
    • Jossed. Laura will be giving up the cowl.
  • Logan will take back the Wolverine name, and Laura will finally assume the "Talon" code name teased by Kyle and Yost way back during New X-Men.
    • Partly confirmed: Laura will be surrendering the Wolverine name upon Logan's return. Whether she will be taking on a different name or not has yet to be revealed.
    • The latter has been Jossed. Laura is back to calling herself X-23.

The Hooded Woman's Identity.
What follows is speculation as to the Hooded Woman's identity, if she ever returns.
  • A number of readers have speculated she is actually Kimura in disguise
    • This is seemingly Jossed in the books themselves; Laura would recognize Kimura by scent immediately. Also, the Woman's methods are much more subtle and clandestine than is expected of Kimura.
  • A future iteration of Laura. Based upon her quoting Hunter S. Thompson, she is an older Laura who returned from the future.
    • Again, if she were an older version of Laura, Laura would have recognized her immediately by scent.
  • Some readers speculated she's actually Sarah Kinney, who survived/was revived.
    • If the previously referenced fact Laura didn't recognize her by scent didn't Joss this one, that her death during Laura's escape was confirmed in All-New Wolverine #30 certainly does.

The Cuckoos' Abandoned Individuality
In X-23 #1 (2018 series) it's revealed that the Cuckoos have abandoned their individual looks and are back to their identical blonde appearances. This is because the resurrected Esme, who was always the most villainous of the original Five-in-One, is manipulating them, and wants them back the way they were.

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