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Volume Three and One Shot

  • In "The Killing Dream," Claudine Renko (Miss Sinister) attempts to pull a Grand Theft Me on her since she thinks Laura's Healing Factor will prevent Mr. Sinister from gaining control of her body, and using it to return from a previous death. The plan backfires and Sinister himself transfers his consciousness into Laura's body instead. And then Laura kicks him out.
    Laura: Get out of my head!
    • If that doesn't sound impressive enough, remember this is Sinister: One of the top Crazy-Prepared Manipulative Bastards and among the most powerful human mutates in the Marvel Universe.
  • Laura's combined Shut Up, Hannibal! / Armor-Piercing Question to Daken when they team up to take down Malcolm Colcord. Daken doesn't understand why Laura holds back, as he believes what they are makes them superior to everyone else, and her concerns for others makes her weak. Laura has none of that, and without even pausing to think tells him that she's made a decision to fight for something bigger than herself. She then turns his question around on him, and asks why he's afraid to allow himself to care for someone other than himself. This shuts him down entirely and he's unable to think of a comeback. Manipulative Bastard that he is, Daken is completely stumped by the question.
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  • When one of Zebra Daddy's former goons flippantly remarks about how Daddy gave his boys discounts with the prostitutes, but he never got the chance to have a go with her, Laura promptly tells him he'll never get to have her or any other woman again. And then she makes sure that it's true. By impaling him through the groin on her claws.
  • Kiden Nixon threatening Wolverine during the X-23 one-shot, when she thinks that Laura has returned to hooking and he's her pimp. Logan takes an instant liking to her.


Volume Four

  • Laura and Gabby's aerial battle with mooks while plummeting out of a building in the first issue.

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