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X-Factor Investigations

  • When Shatterstar beat up The Thing. It may not be on the level of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?, but it comes pretty close.
  • When Rictor uses Quicksilver's own Terrigen crystals against him, getting the chance to use his powers for just one moment. Talk about piling on the angst.
  • Monet punching Cortex, an evil dupe of Jamie's, so hard that Jamie Prime can feel it—80 years into the future.
    • Prior to that, her managing to ram through a future model of Sentinel in the middle of a Freak Out!.
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  • The elderly version of Doctor Doom managing to effortlessly override Cortex's systems in a matter of seconds. Even when's he's senile, Doom is Doom.
  • The end to issue #206, which brings the whole team back together in one glorious fight against the MRD/Bolivar Trask. Not just that but for the first time in the entire series, Madrox's dupes work as one, when normally, you could almost count on the dupe Jamie producing whilst in a fight being a pacifist, Jerkass, self-loathing or just generally unhelpfull.
  • Joe Quesada of all people, got one in Real Life because of the Shatterstar & Rictor relationship. How? Shatterstar's creator, Rob Liefeld went on Twitter after the characters kissed, and said "As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can't wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived". Quesada's CMOA came when he responded "If Rob wants to publicly disagree with that, that's his right, and I respect that. But if Rob is intending on flipping what Peter has written, he will have to wait to discuss that with the next Editor-in-Chief."
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  • Longshot wanders away from the team in Vegas. They find him several hours later in a casino he's well on the way to bankrupting. Apparently, he's even too lucky to be caught and thrown out by security.

All New X-Factor

  • Pietro choosing X-Factor over the Avengers.
    • In the same issue, Pietro admitting on camera to all the horrible things he's done recently, and that it was wrong after Fatale crashes the press conference.
  • Lorna standing up for Pietro when Harrison considers firing him after the above. He backs down, albeit reluctantly.
  • Danger manages to take apart one of the most feared of the Egyptian gods single-handedly: Ammut, The Devourer of Souls. She utterly annihilates it so terribly- even causing it physical pain (which is a feat for anyone in the Marvel Universe who isn't god-tier)- that it would rather retreat back to Duat (the Egyptian Underworld) than face her.


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